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Dream 01_200612

Dream of the Month (December 2006)
  1. Title: Swimming With Big Fish

  2. Date of the Dream: 11/13/2006 (mailed Tuesday, 14 November 2006)

  3. Dream: This is a recurring dream theme: This is the most recent one. I dream that I'm swimming, sometimes in a large swimming pool, and sometimes in a canal-type body of water. All of a sudden, I notice extremely large fish in the water. Last night it was a huge shark, but in previous dreams they have been nightmare fish that don't really exist in real life. When I realize that the huge fish are in the water with me, I panic and try to escape by out-swimming them. They never attack me, but I am extremely terrified of them.

  4. Significant life event: I'm in a job that I don't like and I have a lot of work related stress.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: Work!

  6. Associations: I think that I'm overwhelmed by the things going on at work and that the big fish probably symbolize management.

  7. Categories: Nightmare and Recurring

  8. Pen Name: Michelle Hood

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: Dreams of monsters (of any kind) typically reflect a highly specific stressor that is not only challenging to handle, but which also presses personal “buttons” that confuse and alarm us.

Monsters in dreams often represent people who are draining us, while environmental crises more typically represent situational problems. Trying to out-swim a fish is little defense, unlikely to bring relief. When creatures are “big” in a dream, there is often something about the current problem or person that harkens back to a childhood stressor. Anything from a situation of uncertainty to a rageaholic boss can unconsciously make us feel hopeless. Recurring dreams say: “The way you are handling this, or the way it is making you feel is part of the problem. Look deeper.” A strong possibility is that something in this situation feels like an early-life problem, and that emotional echo is throwing the dreamer off her stride, making her forget all her inner resources and ability to be master of her own fate. Asking what this reminds you of, what age you feel inside, what family member the “monster” is most like, can help break the spell, if there is one, and return you to your savvy, resourceful self. The challenge will remain, but it will no longer control you, and your options will emerge from the landscape.

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