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Dream 01_200608

Dream of the Month (August 2006)
  1. Title: Becoming Wolves

  2. Date of the Dream: 7/18/2006 (mailed Wednesday, 19 July 2006)

  3. Dream: I am in bed, peacefully looking at the night sky outside my open second story window as I often do when falling asleep. I hear wolves in the distance howling. Then I hear noises on the roof outside, so I crawl through the window onto the ledge to investigate. I can see only a shadowy form scampering on the peak of the roof. As I scramble after it, I notice that I have become a wolf and seem to have incredible strength and agility. This does not bother me, but I mentally note it is odd. I am feeling angry to have been disturbed by whatever is on the roof. Suddenly, I am back in bed and human again. Just then, I am startled as an angry snarling wolf with huge, sharp, teeth appears on the ledge outside the window and begins to tear at the screen. I am terrified, and then I realize this has to be a dream! Just as the wolf breaks through the screen and is about to pounce on me, I decide I could change him into something else: but what? I can't seem to think of what to change it into, feeling panic as he lunges at me. Suddenly the wolf's head turns into my father's face, although I have not initiated this change. I wake up suddenly in a sweat with my heart pounding.

  4. Significant life event: My father and I have begun to communicate recently after many years of almost no relationship. He will be staying at our house after surgery in a few weeks, I am anxious about this. He is diagnosed as bipolar, and can be a difficult man with a bad temper at times. He has always had difficulty accepting my life and my sexual orientation.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: The day prior to the dream I had a serious fight with my partner over my suspicions he was cheating, but I realized I was very wrong. I felt (feel) very bad and guilty about my behavior.

  6. Associations: I think maybe this dream is about my relationship with my father and also that I have problems with temper and losing control at times like he does. Perhaps I am fearful I am becoming like him? I don't understand what was on the roof.

  7. Categories: Nightmare and Recurring

  8. Pen Name: VB

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: When dream animals have a menacing quality, they may represent a person or a tendency in our lives that feels threatening and difficult to control.

This dream combines two themes: the feeling of invasion from an unwelcome force, and the transformational changes of the dreamer, from human to wolf and back to human again.

When something appears on the roof, or on the ceiling, this is often a metaphor for something appearing on the personal horizon: an impending event. Whether this invasive wolf represents a person or a situation, it seems to be “coming up” for the dreamer, and this produces ripples of stress that run deep.

When confronted with this disruptive stressor, the dreamer himself becomes a wolf. Whether this represents coming into his authentic power, or the triggering of “devouring” patterns, we cannot tell from this dream. But based on the ending, my money is on the dreamer. He realizes this is a dream, that the factors that invade his peace are part of a pattern. He has the potency of consciousness on his side, and in any battle between fear and power, this is the magic sword. In the real-world situation this dream illustrates, he truly has everything he needs to meet the challenge, and even to break the spell that may have created recurring, unwelcome tension in the past.

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