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Dream 01_200604

Dream of the Month (April 2006)
  1. Title: Befriending the Trolls (3 Billy goats’ Gruff connection)

  2. Date of the Dream: 3/29/2006 (mailed Thursday, 30 March 2006)

  3. Dream: I dreamt that there were some murderer types at the I-5 bridge and I had to walk across the bridge. They were waiting to kill me and ganged up on me. I was ready for them--I broke a stick and turned it into a cross, putting that right in front of the face of the most dangerous one (also the most handsome one), and kept repeating "Jesus" over and over again. They eventually backed off, repented of wanting to harm me, and we became friends. (They showed me their zoo----they were into saving wild animals: It was a dilapidated and abandoned zoo.). After I struck up a friendship with them, it seemed no longer important to cross the bridge. I also lost interest in them and wandered off. They bored me. This is a rare dream where the bridges were strong and solid. They used to fall apart.

  4. Significant life event: Relaxing and refreshing two-day trip to the beach. Beaches used to be traumatic for me due to earlier childhood traumas. Spent the night there, which was a first since my near-death experience three years ago; panic attacks used to keep me near home.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: Obsessive guilt over putting emotionally abusive siblings out of my life.

  6. Associations: None yet.

  7. Categories: Recurring and Sexual

  8. Pen Name: Sagebrush Dan

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: When we create alliances with dream villains, it often reflects internal peacemaking with old demons.

The monsters that bar our passage in dreams often represent internal impediments to fulfillment. These energies are very like the trolls under the bridges in fairy tales who exact ransom from those who need to pass their way. These energies typically raise their ugly heads the closer we get to fulfilling a goal or living without accustomed limits. Everyone has these trolls, but they are particularly common to people with unique gifts who have experienced pain in early life. This dream suggests that a new orientation towards old conflict or fear has brought a healing, empowering shift for the dreamer. Faith has replaced fear to a great extent, and connections (bridges) that were formerly damaged now appear whole.

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