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Dream 01_200603

Dream of the Month (March 2006)
  1. Title: Near-Death Experience?

  2. Date of the Dream: 2/18/2006 (mailed Saturday, 25 February 2006)

  3. Dream: I was lying supine on something, perhaps a stretcher or some sort of flat surface about the size of a door. I seemed to be traveling through outer space: surrounded by astonishingly beautiful pastel colors, which I cannot describe. I cannot recall ever being so relaxed and so much at peace.

    Then someone invisible told me that I was either dead or about to exit. I thought of my teenage daughter, who has more mental and emotional problems than she needs. I was afraid to leave her until she is a responsible adult. I did not want her to go to her mother, who is anything but a responsible adult. Then I awakened. This all happened within seconds.

  4. Significant life event: Fear that my daughter may be a narcissistic borderline personality. There had been a minor crisis with her the previous day.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: I was extremely tired of so much responsibility.

  6. Associations: My daughter has expressed fears of my death before she comes of age.

  7. Category: Nightmare

  8. Pen Name: John

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: Many researchers now agree that spontaneous near death experiences may occur without physical trauma, such as injury or surgery.

Long before we are actually going to cross over, we begin to have dreams to prepare us for the transition. Many times these dreams are of extraordinary beauty and peace and reassurance. Through such dreams, we become pointedly aware of what we want to accomplish or have in place before we leave. This dream seems to present both themes, hinting of peace beyond earthly understanding, while underscoring the sense of responsibility for loved ones. It is interesting that the stretcher is the size of a door. Dreams that deal with death often contain imagery of doors, windows, or passage on ships or trains: all suggesting travel and new beginnings. I would not take this dream as a sign of imminent death, but I would try to clarify what accomplishments, themes and arrangements are appropriate for this chapter of the lifespan, while savoring and taking seriously the peace and beauty that may indeed have been a glimpse of what is beyond.

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