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Dream 01_200512

Dream of the Month (December 2005)
  1. Title: The Reluctant Doctor

  2. Date of the Dream: 11/10/2005 (mailed Thursday, 10 November 2005)

  3. Dream: In the dream I am a participant in the reality TV series Survivor. Another participant is a woman with whom I work who recently went on maternity leave. She's about to give birth and I'm trying to convince another woman, a doctor, to help her. The doctor is very young and says she became a doctor to see if she liked it; if not, she would try something else. I keep telling her to check whether Manisha has dilated, but she is reluctant because ”it's just too icky.” I am really annoyed and exasperated, but when she at last delivers the baby I become supportive and ask if this doesn't give her a sense of achievement. She says that it does.

  4. Significant life event: Nothing

  5. Personal concerns/issues: I've been trying to decide whether to remain in my secure, well-paying job or to leave and help my husband with his business.

  6. Associations: Things are coming to a head where I must make a decision. I'm waiting for someone else to do it for me and am annoyed with myself for not taking decisive action.

  7. Category: None Apply

  8. Pen Name: Fish

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: Assisting in labor and delivery can be a metaphor for acting as a midwife to transitions and emerging possibilities.

This dream shows the tension we often feel when struggling with change and choices. Do we want to tackle the “raw” parts of change, grab hold of the energy that wants to be born through our choices? Things can get messy and disturbing, and we have no guarantee we're going to like the outcome until it emerges. It makes sense to research, measure and assess the choices we face and calculate what sort of dominos we may set in motion. It can also be helpful to step back and ask your intuition: “What do I want to birth in the next few years? What is worth my time, my life?” Sometimes if we feel better acquainted with the essence of the next chapter, the form of it will become more clear and immediate as well.

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