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Dream 01_200508

Dream of the Month (August 2005)
  1. Title: A Snake In My Hand

  2. Date of the Dream: 6/20/2005 (mailed Sunday, 24 July 2005)

  3. Dream: I am walking in some small African village and I see a snake in my way. I pause and the African man I had been following turns around and says: “Pick it up.” I do, and then he says “It will never bite you; Africa loves you.” He then reaches for the snake that is in my hand and it strikes to bite him. The snake is white with thick red thin black stripes. It doesn't bite me, it just curls around my finger, as if it is snuggling.

  4. Significant life event: About a month ago I lost my grandmother to cancer, other than that only day to day events.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: I always consider things such as time of cycle and food, but I had eaten nothing out of the ordinary and I was mid-cycle, not just after or just before menses.

  6. Associations: I am totally stumped. I don't really have much contact with snakes and I am not particularly afraid of them because of my lack of interaction with them. I have never been bitten, seen anyone bitten, or know anyone who has been bitten.

  7. Category: None Apply

  8. Pen Name: black wolf

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: Snakes often represent fears and challenges of everyday life.

This dream has the hallmarks of an initiation. Snakes are often featured in dreams when we feel beleaguered by challenges or passages. Sometimes snakes represent slippery, problematic situations that are intimidating and tough to “handle.” At other times in life, however, snakes appear in dreams that show us surviving, being befriended by snakes, or making unusual alliances with these creatures. This dream suggests that on some level you are “finding yourself” in a new way, and that part of this discovery is emerging in the background of relationships, with people, creatures, ideas and understandings. Discovered connections often reveal our most personal and inviolate core; when we become reconnected with our personal truths, we are less encumbered by the fluctuations in fortune, or the situational trials that are part of life. This dream encourages you to trust in your own center and to lean into your destiny with confidence.

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