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Dream 01_200506

Dream of the Month (June 2005)
  1. Title: Married to the Mob

  2. Date of the Dream: 5/10/2005 (mailed Wednesday, 11 May 2005)

  3. Dream: In my dream, I had inadvertantly married a member of the Mafia. I did something without thinking, and in the next scene I am waiting for my new husband and his friends to come home, knowing they are all mobsters. I am so tense and overwhelmed, and can't think how to get out of the mess I've made. I have to really act up a storm, pretending to be pleased with things, when in fact I am terrified. I feel trapped, but it's out of the question that I can just tell the truth and escape. I can only wait and listen with a sense of dread.

  4. Significant life event: Returned to college

  5. Personal concerns/issues: Juggling work and family too

  6. Associations: None

  7. Category: Nightmare

  8. Pen Name: Student

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics:

Dreams of "the mob" usually deal with the shadow (unwanted side) of some current situation.

This dream reflects the sense of having made some kind of bargain that brings with it a type of stress that feels unbearable. Yet the situation appears to have no resolution or exit sign available. It is noteworthy that you refer to being married to "the mob" rather than to a gangster. This suggests that part of the stress you're feeling comes from the very multiplicity of factors you're currently dealing with. You may need to wait a while to understand whether you're feeling overwhelmed because of too many things happening at once, or whether there is some influence in your life that isn't wholesome for you. In the meantime, take a hard line with your schedule, and parse out tasks and demands, taking them one at a time. Get tough with the non-critcial drains in your life and focus on what you have to do. The quality of the deal you've made will come clear shortly, focus now on self-care and schedule management so you have the energy to make wise choices.

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