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Dream 01_200410

Dream of the Month (October 2004)
  1. Title: Like A Fish Out Of Water

  2. Date of the Dream: 9/21/2004 (mailed Wednesday, 29 September 2004)

  3. Dream: I was in a room with mother who passed away 18 months ago and beside me was a large ceramic pot, taller than myself. Inside the pot was a bright blue fish with black scales as large as my forearm. It was desperately trying to get out of the pot and I felt very distressed about this. It finally threw itself out of the pot onto a tiled floor and flapped about as I tried to pick it up. My mum was telling me not to worry. I awoke feeling out of breath and worried.

  4. Significant life event: None

  5. Personal concerns/issues: Feeling worried about finding a new job

  6. Associations: My mother was telling me to stop rushing and calm down

  7. Category: Anomalous

  8. Pen Name: Pitsky

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: Fish sometimes symbolize an aspect of the dreamer that needs a very specific environment in order to thrive and survive.

The predominant theme here is of a creature too big for it is setting it is not supported by it is environment, but is rather contained and confined by it. When we outgrow something: a job, a relationship, a style of reacting to stress, the dreaming mind reacts strongly to the subjective results. We can develop psychological allergies to something that we've been overexposed to without relief, or we can begin experiencing symptoms of anxiety or panic that aren not necessarily supported by objective evaluation. As in all forms of nature, we too are creatures, and need to move forward when we have outgrown our shells. Look for and insist upon a situation that will afford you the ability to be true (to a reasonable extent) to your own nature, and which will let you expand as you grow.

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