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Dream 01_200407

Dream of the Month (July 2004)
  1. Title: Rescuing A Child

  2. Date of the Dream: 6/21/2004 (mailed Monday, 21 June 2004)

  3. Dream: I am on a subway and a young father [with a baby] is standing in front of me. He begins to look around to see if anyone is watching, and then begins to walk towards a crowded area. I call to him and point out that he has forgotten something [the baby] and he just says, "No, that's okay; you can keep it." I take the baby back to where I work and find him a home. Then my employer and all of my colleagues are surrounding me, telling me how I did a great job with the child. My employer tells me that some European Prime Minister sends me a special thank you for saving "one of their own." All the while, I am still feeling very sad for the child.

  4. Significant life event: Not that I am aware of.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: My father has expressed to my two brothers that he has contemplated suicide.

  6. Associations: Perhaps the two can be linked, but I'm not exactly sure as to how.

  7. Category: Anomalous

  8. Pen Name: childless in detroit

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: Since the dream begins on a subway, we can explore the possibility that this story line is tracing unconscious arteries that enliven the entire psyche.

The dreamer, witnessing someone else taking the low road, chooses instinctively to take the high road: she becomes a hero. She responds with compassion, courage and effective action. The results of this compassionate heroism are rewarded externally from near and far. She receives praise and recognition, and presumably the life of the abandoned energy is literally saved. While this makes the world a better place, it does not alter her subjective sadness about the abandonment. To some extent this is how many heroines and heroes are created; they take up the energy that has been casually abandoned by others and “do the right thing” by it themselves. Yet there is a difference between making something work in the world, and redeeming wholeness within our own energy. Both are works of “light,” both are sacred, but they are not interchangeable. Service brings meaning to our biographies, awareness lightens the shadows around the heart.

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