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Dream 01_200406

Dream of the Month (June 2004)
  1. Title: Blood On The Moon

  2. Date of the Dream: 5/9/2004 (mailed Monday, 10 May 2004)

  3. Dream: In the dream I am in a car with two other women. I am aware that I “should” be in the car with them, however it is not clear whether or not I feel safe with them. The car has no wheels and we are lying back with blankets over us. It is cold outside and dark. I can see syringa trees, the night sky, terra cotta walls and two moons in the sky. The larger moon is full, yellow and perfectly beautiful. It is farther away than the smaller moon. The smaller moon is waning and has blood on it. I have to clean the blood from the moon.

    I reach up to do this. It is not a physical action, but a spiritual one. I reach up physically as a representation of the spiritual arm that is washing the moon. I gently wipe across the moon's surface but every time I wipe it, the blood reappears. I cannot clean my moon. The other women in the car are suddenly disturbed by something and I then feel a hand on my belly. One of the women says: “it is the Indian man.” I know that we have to go away from this place, but no motion is possible. I feel the hand again, and I am suddenly very afraid. I wake myself up with a breathless strangled scream. (I am not a fearful person, so this feeling is foreign to me.)

  4. Significant life event: Mother's Day with my family; women's workshop on the Amazon archetype; nothing major.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: Concerns currently include financial and relationship with my husband.

  6. Associations: None as yet but I feel it definitely holds a deeper meaning for me.

  7. Categories: Anomalous and Psychic Experience

  8. Pen Name: Diana Royston

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: The women, the moon and the blood suggest the focus of the dream is the feminine.

When a dream presents arresting symbolism such as this, there is a powerful temptation to try to guess what each individual symbol may represent. Sometimes a step back to examine the theme is a good place to begin the search for meaning.

The setting of three women in an immobilized vehicle seems almost like a parable. They have vision, they have each other, but they cannot move. The car, made for movement, is ill-equipped or damaged in a way that makes it an enclosure, not a vehicle. In the beginning we see that the vehicle isn not workable, and at the end we learn the women feel paralyzed and afraid. So being “stuck” is a large part of this story. In the mythic language of dreams the number 3 sometimes reflects the possibility of an organic threshold – a time when the dreamer is ready for change and is struggling to discern how to initiate it.

Another thread of this story is the juxtaposition of the perfect image with the wounded energy. The big yellow moon appears perfect; the small bloody moon isn not doing so well. It is the human condition to cultivate and present what works in the world, and to dismiss our bruises and unwanted energies, or stanch their bleeding and march onward.

The implication here is that somehow, in the wondrous alchemy of the human spirit, turning on the ability to move, to change, to have greater choices lies in the acceptance of that small, soiled moon. This intuition arises as the need to “clean” the moon, but perhaps on a deeper level, it is necessary to accept, to listen, to study and attend to energy that has received very little endorsement from the outside world.

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