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Dream 01_200401

Dream of the Month (January 2004)
  1. Title: Mountain Lion Attacks Me

  2. Date of the Dream: 12/07/2003 (mailed Thursday, 18 December 2003)

  3. Dream: I am in front of an open window. My aunt and cousins are behind me in the room. A snarling mountain lion is attempting to enter by the window to attack me. I have an empty glass in my right hand and keep thrusting it at the mountain lion screaming "bang, bang," pretending the glass is a weapon. I hope to force the animal to back up enough so I can close the window with my left hand. The window is only glass but I feel it will protect me. However the animal does not retreat from the empty glass I keep thrusting at him. I wake myself up screaming "bang, bang, bang, bang."

  4. Significant life event: Before going to bed I had a long telephone visit with my aunt on the phone. She described a happy visit she had had with my cousins and their children earlier in the day.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: I have been worried about dreams that suggest there is an urgent problem I need to attend to. Worried about my health although have only a problem with my hip requiring surgery.

  6. Associations: I am also dreaming about issues which seem to concern power and empowering myself.

  7. Category: Nightmare

  8. Pen Name: Iris

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Dream Characteristics: The theme of crisis is a notable element in this dream. Bearing in mind that the waking-life counterparts to these images will likely be less dramatic, we can theorize that a threshold of some kind has been breached. It feels as if the comfort zone has been invaded, and she is trying to fight back, and find a new balance with events or stressors.

In the powerful action, the dreamer is attempting to defend herself by turning a glass into a weapon. It is intriguing that the aperture through which the threatening lion penetrates her world is also glass, and she hopes that the glass of the window, if closed, may protect her. When a dream is over-saturated with references to a particular image or word, it can be worth a moment to consider the implication. One possibility is that some process of defense being undertaken to shore up strength against a current onslaught of stress is not suitable, and perhaps not ultimately in service of growth. We all grab things and say “bang, bang” when our monsters appear. Some of us grab our sarcasm, our denial, our stoicism, or our achievements and brandish them when confronted. This is not right or wrong, it is merely worth considering whether we've chosen the best coping style for the occasion when a dream hints at an incongruity between a hazard and a response. Clearly this dreamer is brave, full of fight, and tenacious. The dreamer herself best interprets the mountain lion. For some women, such wild creatures reflect a level of personal power so long held at bay, so unconsciously forbidden, as to appear in this “wild,” frightening guise. In other instances, mountain lions, and other large cats, have reflected the slashing, predatory quality of a nasty critic, someone who survives by making a “kill” in some sense. Whatever the cat reflects here, it is likely that the dreamer is more than up to dealing with what life is presenting, and recording other dreams at this time will almost certainly help her unravel her own mysteries, and make full use of her considerable choices.

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