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Dream 01_200311

Dream of the Month (November 2003)
  1. Title: Supporting The Impossible

  2. Date of the Dream: 9/25/2003 (mailed Wednesday, 1 October 2003)

  3. Dream: I first notice a baby (very small - could be a newborn or a little older). This baby is pregnant. In the dream, I think it strange to find out that the baby had been raped. Then I am made aware of this infant's brother who is also pregnant. It is explained to me that the mother had some complications and can not carry the baby; so, the son has been given the baby to carry. This is the first time male pregnancy has been attempted and the doctors and the media are very excited, and I am excited too.

    Both children are in the hospital about to give birth. The brother requires a cesarean while the infant seems to just struggle through normal childbirth. While I never see the new babies, it seems as though it is going to happen at any moment. Also, I have no clue about who these children are, nor do I know the mother; but when I am in the hospital with them, I seem to be helping them emotionally by being supportive.

  4. Significant life event: nothing significant

  5. Personal concerns/issues: I was slightly concerned about what my schedule was for the week. My job was supposed to call any time to let me know if I was working that week. I was concerned with a friend and her budding romance. I am taking a human relations course in college... where we have to answer alot of personal questions... and I have been concerned about my daughter not being liked by her teacher. All of this just this past week.

  6. Associations: I feel the only common thread between the two being pregnant is that they are both impossible.

  7. Categories: Anomalous and Sexual

  8. Pen Name: lilnuggetone

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Identifying Characteristics: Birth sometimes symbolizes the psychological work of bringing new qualities, activities or opportunities into our lives.

This dream reflects complex layers of feeling about potential changes. Some of these changes may have originally been unwanted, (hence the bizarre and troubling factor of the infant being pregnant as the result of a rape.) Yet notice the tone of the dream is not wrestling with this crime particularly, it is noted as back-story, as history. Instead, we are following the drama of an incredible attempt to solve a “problem” birth, by having a young man serve as a surrogate.

The tension of the dream arises mainly from the “breakthrough” solution, which seems utterly impossible, yet tantalizingly miraculous should it prove successful. Out of impediments and wounds come new potentials that have long been described as impossible. The dreamer does not dare to hope for the impossible, yet she supports the possibility emotionally. With such striking imagery, and such a detailed plot, there is often an incident or situation in waking life that has set the stage and “loaned” the plot or symbolism to the production of the dream. However, the more telling meaning is likely to be in the dreamer's own psyche, which seems laden with potentials that have perhaps been written off by experts as impossible or impractical. But, as with birth, potentials seem to come forth and demand their lives when their time has come. If this rings true, here is something to consider. The actions of others, and the climate of circumstances may appear outside your control, but the birth of your self-expression is something worth supporting. do not expect or wait for applause from others, but do acknowledge, own and share your gifts.

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