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Dream 01_200307

Dream of the Month (July 2003)
  1. Title: Flying Dad

  2. Date of the Dream: 6/4/2003 (mailed Thursday, 5 June 2003)

  3. Dream: I am a passenger in a small charter plane; my father is the pilot. The plane is filled with lots of luggage, I vaguely remember but I am holding my youngest son on my lap. We're flying over small mountains and over water and then my dada starts actually flying so low that the plane is treading water. We fly low for a while and then come up upon land where there is a Hutt. It is very beautiful on land like a paradise but I'm feeling confused and missing my husband and kids wondering why they are not there.

  4. Significant life event: none

  5. Personal concerns/issues: Concerns of overeating amd gaining weight back that I have previously lost on a exitt.

  6. Associations: none

  7. Category: Anomalous

  8. Pen Name: Jennericquiz

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Identifying Characteristics: Modes of travel often reflect our psychic progress with goals and challenges.

This dream may be functioning as a travel-log of this leg of your life's journey. The territory you are covering, mountains and water, may represent your aspirations and emotional challenges, respectively. If this is correct, then in some sense the challenges you are coping with now may be “driven” by complex feelings and issues that are related to your father (or even his absence.) Most of us have unconscious urges to “show”, “rescue”, “avenge”, or “heal” our parents, and these shadowy urges can make us feel compelled or trapped at various times, even if we aren not particularly close to or even interested in the parents in question. If this seems relevant, then the dream may be suggesting you make a stronger claim for your own inner authority: that you boldly trace what may be the source of feeling bogged down when you try to fly, and release any baggage you may have been carrying for others. The dream seems to close with the feeling that you want to soar, you want to protect your son, and reconnect with your family, to be where you belong, in your current “real” life with all your choices and powers at your command. This is surely your right, and your gathering awareness of your history and your current freedom is a powerful and wholesome place from which to proceed.

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