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Dream 01_200303

Dream of the Month (March 2003)
  1. Title: The Many Unexplored Rooms

  2. Date of the Dream: 1/10/2003 (mailed Friday, 28 February 2003)

  3. Dream: I'm usually in my current home doing ordinary things such as housework, or visiting with company. I go into a room, and discover a door I have not noticed before. I enter through this door to find a room that I didn't know we owned. It usually has furniture and dresser drawers that are filled with many interesting things such as old papers, jewelry, or clothing. I figure that the people who lived here before must have left them behind so I go on exploring. This room usually leads me to many other interesting rooms. I always wonder why I never noticed them before. They are big, beautiful rooms, always furnished and decorative.

    There are staircases, and one room in particular that I always have had in this dream since my youngest recollection, is a room filled with clocks of all kinds. Lots of old coo-coo clocks. When I awaken after these nights of exploration, I am always a little disappointed that it was only a dream. I have even been so sure that such rooms existed at some point in my life, that I have tried to find the physical source of these rooms. They are like a comforting memory that never existed in my real life.

  4. Significant life event: Nothing that I am aware of.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: I have been fascinated by rooms of all kinds since childhood. I conclude it is because of this recurring dream.

  6. Associations: I was born and raised in Massachusetts, happy childhood, 4 other brothers and sisters, parents still together. I was married at 20 to a husband who eventually cheated on me and we divorced 5 years later. I'm now 39, living in Georgia , and have been married for 13 years to a wonderful husband, have two children (boys) ages 10 and 11. We have a comfortable life and home.

  7. Pen Name: Savannah

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Identifying Characteristics: Forgotten rooms suggest the existence of potentials and resources available to the dreamer.

This dream is a variation on the classic contemporary theme of discovering forgotten rooms in the home. The characteristics of the rooms are unique to each dreamer, but the joy and surprise of discovery tend to be general themes. On the broadest level, the home in a dream can be considered a reflection of the dreamer's self, and her experience of her current life situation. This is why our dream homes often have characteristics or a combination of qualities that do not coincide with our literal homes in waking life.

This dream is a positive reminder of potentials undiscovered, yet readily available. The potentials can be anything from finding solace in spirituality, to returning to a beloved hobby or activity. Sometimes the rooms represent something quite specific. At other times, the theme of the dream suggests the individual is on a life-long path of uncovering inner riches as part of her life purpose. Since this dream has been recurring since childhood, it is possible that this is one of your life themes. (For more about life-themes and dreams, please see: The Complete Dream Book). Although you may or may not recognize what this room represents, if you trust that you will return to your gifts and share them with the world as appropriate, the promise of the dream should be fulfilled.

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