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Dream 01_200301

Dream of the Month (January 2003)
  1. Title: Death Of Cats And Artists

  2. Date of the Dream: 12/30/2002 (mailed Monday, 30 December 2002)

  3. Dream: I'm walking through a haze or void, and there are faint images of dead cats all around me. Then I'm sitting on the green grass by a beautiful pond petting my cat. When I look down at her, she is dead. Her eyes are open, very large and deep blue. I keep on petting her while staring into her eyes, and then I'm transported to the house of an artist I used to know.

    He has just exitd. His friends and family are picking up artwork he created for them. I walk by a beautiful sculpted piece in vibrant yellow with beautiful purple irises attached. I didn't realize that it was mine because it had price tags of $8500 and $100 so I assumed it was for sale. I walked past it and my husband went into another room to pick up his piece. He was quite happy. When a multi-colored folder appeared in my hand, I realized that the sculpture was mine. The folder had some writing on it which looked like scribbles.

    I picked up the sculpture and the artist's family just stared at me. I showed them the folder and its contents. They started smiling and laughing and escorted us outside. They waved goodbye as my husband and I drove away in a silver hybrid car. We were laughing and talking just having a good time. I could see the buildings we were passing, but they seemed like props; as if the only true reality was the car and us.

  4. Significant life event: Nothing really significant.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: I'm concerned about a project that I'm working for my job and I'm hoping to have it completed before winter quarter begins. I'm a college student and work part-time.

  6. Associations: That I would like to be done with working for others so that I can get on with fulfilling my dreams. I'm feeling very rebellious these days, which is interfering with my ability to accomplish anything - even personal plans. I resent being accountable to others; especially those at my job who constantly try to undermine my position and authority. Additionally, I resent not having the financial resources to quit my job, attend school full-time and get on with my life as a documentary filmmaker and photographer. I'm just feeling impatient these days.

  7. Pen Name: Judi

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Identifying Characteristics: Artists typically represent creative energies in the dreamer's life.

This dream is practically screaming encouragement to refocus and stay determined to achieve your plans. Although you may feel you are moving through a creative wasteland littered with the corpses of your best inspirations (the cats), the fault is at least partially in your own perspective. We know you are missing the gold dust beneath your hands because the dream takes trouble to depict your lack of recognition of the sculpture that belongs to you. (Your creative life!)

Clearly, you hunger for a different climate in which to exercise your strengths, but the dream suggests that the sculpture is already present, and that the background and foreground compliment each other to create something bold, vital and very much alive. It may take your last ounce of will, but you must follow through and stay true to your nature and your plan. it is no accident that you are where you are, and that you are trying create against these particular odds. The nonsense you encounter is going to be grist for your mill in some way, although you may not understand exactly how, until it is behind you. But do not waste creative energy or colorful anger gnashing your teeth at fate. Use everything! Scribble. Sculpt. Compile your work. Your car represents the vehicle you need to solve this chapter you are in, and it is a hybrid car. A compromise, and invention, a necessity that is shocking to some, but right for you. The dream says clearly enough: this is what matters.

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