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Dream 01_200212

Dream of the Month (December 2002)
  1. Title: Alligator In My Arm

  2. Date of the Dream: 11/20/2002 (mailed Wednesday, 20 November 2002)

  3. Dream: I felt something in my arm. I looked down and realized I had an opening in it and there was something in the opening trying to get out. I found a cloth and tried to pull it out. I got it most of the way out when I lost hold and it went most of the way back in. I grabbed it again and this time I was able to pull it all of the way out and found that it was a baby (small) alligator. I went to the other room where my husband was sleeping. I woke him up to tell him that I had an alligator in my arm. He shouted "Get rid of that thing, it was biting my feet!" I went to the window to throw it out but I realized that if it hit the ground it would be able to get back into the house and back in my arm. I woke up before I was able to get rid of it.

  4. Significant life event: My husband had major (potentially life saving) surgery 3 months ago. At the same time I accepted a new position at my job and some of the women in the department were angry or jealous and have done and said some awful things to me and about me.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: My job has been a big factor lately. I have received quite a lot of resistance since taking the new position. I realize that a number of women aren't happy with me. Also, I found out that at the age of 36 I'm perimenopausal.

  6. Associations: I don't have any ideas about what this dream is about!

  7. Pen Name: Maddy

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Identifying Characteristics: Alligators frequently represent problem areas that are hard to know how to handle.

Either you have let some challenge “get under your skin” in a way that is adding to an already stressful situation, or you have got something important you want to express, but no clear way to get your point (or ideas) across. Generally, dream alligators represent challenges that captivate our attention so completely that we become almost addicted to worrying about them. But the more we mentally thrash around with these situations the less clear we become about how best to handle them. We slip into “emergency mode” and stay there. Your challenge is to stop obsessing, and reconnect with what you want to have happen. Think about how you can separate from the stressful attitudes and expectations of others. Regardless of you ability to convince anyone else, if you can feel a more solid boundary between you and the “shoulds” and “ought to's” that are flying around, you will be amazed at how even the most stubborn knots begin to smooth out for you.

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