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Dream 01_200209

Dream of the Month (September 2002)
  1. Title: Alien Apocolypse

  2. Date of the Dream: 8/28/2002 (mailed Wednesday, 28 August 2002)

  3. Dream: I lived in a house with many eccentric artistic types. We had a strange roommate who said he was from outer space. He always wore black gloves. One day when I asked him what the gloves were for, he pressed a button attached to the gloves at the base of his palm and he was shot straight into outer space. My roommates and I were shocked and confused, but we followed his assent. As he flew past the moon, the planets shifted and the whole earth trembled to accommodate the magnetic shift of the earth. Then, metal objects began flying into other metal objects. When I returned to the house, I found the gloves and put them on. I found I could use them to control the flying metal debris and avoid getting smashed by large dumpsters.

  4. Significant life event: I had a frustrating day yesterday and had to assert myself with someone who felt they could talk down to me. two weeks ago, I went white water rafting and almost got seriously injured.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: At times I dislike my job, at times I am satisfied with it. At times, I tell myself I am lucky to have a job. I really need to make more money for the amount of work I do.

  6. Associations: Feeling out of control, wanting control, scared, angry

  7. Pen Name: lucid

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Identifying Characteristics: The launching of rapid flight sometimes represents a situation that escalates almost instantly.

The quirky texture of this dream suggests a tricky life situation where the stakes are high and the tension is loaded. Aliens can underline the sense of dealing with “the other.” Someone who has their own agenda and is “on their own trip.” After all, your simple question seems to launch this guy into orbit. Whatever the incident was, it probably left you rolling your eyes and wondering what that was all about.

But this dream does more than reflect a weird encounter. It offers you a clue into a viable tactic that lets you access greater choices and new options. Putting on the aliens’ gloves suggests trying your hand at something that may be a departure from your normal style. Whatever this different approach is, it has a protective function and seems to let you stay in a position of greater safety. It also seems to have prevented you from getting “dumped on,” since you avoid the flying dumpsters. As with any new tactic, it is important to experiment to make it your own, staying true to your integrity and practicing it in a way that is wholesome and constructive. Your instinct to try something new during an otherwise bizarre episode suggests that you will always be able to think on your feet, and remain flexible enough to discover creative solutions, even in a pinch.

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