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Dream 01_200207

Dream of the Month (June 2002)
  1. Title: Corpse On A Plate

  2. Date of the Dream: 5/29/2002 (mailed Wednesday, 29 May 2002)

  3. Dream: I walked into my bedroom one evening and a corpse was lying on my bed. It had already decayed to the point where it was brownish gray, the eyes hollow, but the hair still there. It was on top of a plate with a fork next to it, surrounded by a lot of other clean plates. I didn't think anything of it, but because ants were starting to invade my room and (more specifically) my bed, I started cleaning up the plates and taking them downstairs to the kitchen sink, presumably with the intention of disposing of the body somehow, but I woke up before I got that far.

  4. Significant life event: None.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: I'm having trouble in school and, having been an A/B student my entire life, the prospect of flunking a class bothers me. It's turned my life upside down - I'm banned from extracurricular activities by the school until I pull my grades up and half the colleges I was considering up to this point are now most likely completely out of my reach due to my grades this (my junior) year. My family's perplexed and I'm lost as to how it happened. I've finally given up and have decided to take an easier course load next year and to apply to state schools with a higher acceptance rate next year.

  6. Associations: None.

  7. Pen Name: Elise

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Identifying characteristics: corpses and bodies sometimes represent aspects of our experience about which we feel shame or confusion.

This dream is most probably examining an “ending” in your life, or some “fork” in the road that appears convincingly final to you right now. However the morbid imagery involved is so exaggerated, that I feel the dream is cautioning you not to take too dramatic or final a view of things. One of the great illusions in life is to feel that things are either completely under control, or completely ruined, finished, and destroyed. If you find yourself thinking along these lines, follow Cher's advice in the movie Moonstruck and snap out of it!

There are always more options than at first seem present, particularly if we're falling prey to all-or-nothing thinking. Disposing of a body sometimes reflects a wish to make something confusing disappear without attracting attention to it. If embarrassment or confusion are inhibiting you, call their bluff. Seek out advice about what is and isn not possible, what your realistic choices are, and what creative solutions could be brainstormed. it is okay to change your mind, change your path, and re-evaluate plans, but do not be buffaloed by anything without questioning just how “final” it really is.

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