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Dream 01_200203

Dream of the Month (March 2002)
  1. Title: Fish Out Of Water

  2. Date of the Dream: 2/15/2002 (mailed Thursday, 28 February 2002)

  3. Dream: I'm in my house going about my usual business, when I notice a door in the hallway that I haven't noticed before. I open it and enter the room to find fish tanks lining the walls. Then it hits me, "Oh my Goodness, I've completely forgotten to take care of the fish." I walk up to the tanks and some of the fish are so hungry that they're eating each other, and some of the tanks hardly have enough water in them for the fish to swim.

    So I frantically start putting food in the tanks with hungry fish, and I try to pick up a fish from a tank with no water in it and put it into a tank with water, but I can't hold onto the fish and I drop it; it starts to swim around the room and I can't catch it. I chase the fish to a corner of the room and find my cat in a cage starving to death because I haven't fed him and he's been locked up. I'm horrified, and I wake up.

  4. Significant life event: My boyfriend and I moved in with another couple.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: Just after we moved into this house we began talking about getting married.

  6. Associations: I haven't come to any conclusions.

  7. Pen Name: Hetalyn

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Identifying Characteristics: Forgotten doorways are sometimes symbolic of forgotten potentials and desires. Neglected pets may reflect needs that have been filed under “non-essential” for so long, they are reaching starvation levels.

This dream includes three themes that appear frequently among busy women today: forgotten rooms or doorways in the home, fish desperate for water, and pets forgotten and starved, sometimes for years.

In most cases the forgotten aspects of the home reflect potentials or desires that have been dismissed as impractical or given a low priority for many years. These surprise doorways or rooms suggest that it is time for the dreamer to take a second, more serious look at early hopes and desires. The specific quality represented varies individually; some long for religion, or to start a family, others find they “forgot” that they had always intended to write a book or paint seriously. The discovery does not suggest it is time to chuck your present life in favor of a fantasy, but it does hint that it is time to look creatively at making your wishes come true without upsetting your practical agenda.

The forgotten pets and dying fish can reflect emotional, subjective needs that are usually the first thing we dismiss when we attempt to be brave, hard-working and a team player. The tougher and smarter you are, the more efficiently you can put these needs into cold storage. But when the dreaming mind horrifies us by showing creatures starving for what their very nature must have, it is a signal that should be taken seriously. Stop thinking in either/or terms, and envision a lifestyle that affords you more emotional nourishment, and creative expression, and stimulates your most playful, innocent self. The best change you can make is to embrace these needs as important and determine to build a life that includes and celebrates them at the same time you succeed with the bread-and-butter stuff. You can have it, and without dire sacrifice, but your own vision is the critical element. It starts there.

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