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Dream 01_200108

Dream of the Month (August 2001)
  1. Title: Flight From Hell

  2. Date of the Dream: 7/30/2001 (mailed Tuesday, 31 July 2001)

  3. Dream: I often dream of disasters involving commercial airlines. Some are not life-threatening, but always involve complex problems with the flight. The dreams basically consist of an airline flight that goes awry. I find we are flying in and out of canyons, snow is everywhere and the mountains are on both sides of us. We are flying way too low and I'm sure we are going to crash. From what I can remember, we do end up making a safe landing, but the plane in ahead of us does not.

  4. Significant life event: No significant life event had occured that I know of

  5. Personal concerns/issues: none

  6. Associations: I believe that my dreams of flying on a commercial airliner have a definite meaning because I've had several in the last year. I am under alot of stress right now in my life and am trying to make a major life change, which involves the selling of property to move into an RV. Become a fulltime Rver. I am not really afraid to fly.

  7. Pen Name: Amy

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Identifying Characteristics: Plane travel often represents the challenge of managing important projects.

These dreams reflect the considerable challenges and anxiety related to a current plan of action. it is likely your favorite project, idea or goal is being symbolized by the plane. The challenges of landscape, weather, traffic and controls mirror the real-life obstacles and challenges you are trying to navigate. You have evidently already “launched” your plan and committed to it; now the problem lies in really pulling it off (landing.) The disastrous nature of these dreams does not necessarily foretell failure – it reflects survival issues that are being stirred up by your current situation. Witnessing the crashes of other planes suggests that you are up to something that hasn not been done successfully very often, and your only examples are of what not to do. That said, you can benefit from finding others who have done something similar; the essence is the same although on the surface it looks different. Try to discover their secrets and trouble-shooting techniques. You may be surprised at how having a model for your plan, (even though it is a different style) will help calm the fears and let you enjoy the adventure.

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