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Dream 01_200105

Dream of the Month (May 2001)
  1. Title: Seed Face

  2. Date of the Dream: 4/10/2001 (mailed Tuesday, 10 April 2001)

  3. Dream: I was waiting in a courthouse to be called for jury duty. For some reason, I was helping others who were waiting with their little problems; directing them to the bathroom, helping them fill out paper work, and getting people in the right line. Because I was helping others, I missed something I should have attended myself, like an interview or responding to a questionnaire.

    Because of this, the judge interviewed me herself. We sat at a table in the same hallway where I had helped people. The judge was a middle-aged woman with medium-length black hair. She was dressed in a tan suit with a small pattern in it and a light brown, frilly blouse. She talked to me in a calm and friendly way, not annoyed or anything that she had to interview me personally. As the judge talked to me, beads formed on her face and fell off. Out of every pore on her face little sesame seed-like things formed and fell off onto her clothes and the table. As each fell, a new seed formed and fell. I was amazed at this and stared but no one else seemed to take note.

  4. Significant life event: none

  5. Personal concerns/issues: I've been working on some better health strategies, better exitt and increasing activities.

  6. Associations: none

  7. Pen Name: vesta

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Identifying Characteristics: The face represents the territory where the self meets the social and collective. Courtrooms typically represent the psychic energy of critical thinking.

Although there are times in our lives when we need to refrain from making judgments, this is not one of them. You are emerging from a time of distraction, perhaps a long one, during which you have been busy putting out fires for other people and helping them make their lives work. Now is the time, however, for you to take a hard line with some personal decisions, and to make sure your actions are consistent with the goals and lifestyle you want to create. The falling seeds suggest you have a unique, powerful opportunity to transform an old sadness into something creative and productive. Make an intuitive leap and ask yourself: what if the source of my tears also contained the seeds for an incredibly rich future? Be strict with your judgments, and generous with your imagination.

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