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Dream 01_200012

Dream of the Month (December 2000)
  1. Title: Brain Strangle

  2. Date of the Dream: 11/23/2000 (mailed Friday, 24 November 2000)

  3. Dream: In my dream I had little hairs on my face. When I noticed them, I started to pull them out with my fingers. Then I noticed a clump of about 20 little hairs all sticking out of the temple area of my face. When trying to pluck them out, I couldn not. They were so long they emerged without ending. After the bundle of hair had come out about a foot without ending, I asked my younger sister to cut it off.

    I felt that this hair was wrapped around my brain and that pulling on the hair was strangling my brain. After my sister cut these hairs, I was sitting back on the couch and noticed something dripping on me. It was my blood leaking out of my nose from my brain! I had pulled too hard on the hair. I still clearly recall the immense strain on my brain, and the smell of the blood dripping out of my nose.

  4. Significant life event: I was upset because I was not able to be with my mother and father for Thanksgiving. They just got a divorce. Also, my older sister was alone.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: I care very much about my family and hate to see them hurting. I just moved far away form them and had no way of helping them.

  6. Associations: I placed too much pressure on myself. (hence the strangling of my brain)

  7. Pen Name: Isabella

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Identifying Characteristics: Hair sometimes represents styles of thinking, and blood may symbolize personal energy.

This dream indicates that you have troubled by something recently, which is actually made worse by the way you have been thinking about it. Whatever you are facing, try to avoid extreme attitudes in either direction. It probably isn not up to you to straighten out something over which you have little control. Obsessing about it (growing those long hairs) will only exhaust you, and trying to rip long-held ideas out of your mind (getting rid of all the hairs by yanking on them) will only intensify the pressure you feel (squeeze your brain.)

The bleeding in this dream shows that your personal energy is being drained by your focus on this problem, and will probably be worsened if you engage in harsh judgments about the others involved. do not expect too much of people, and do not demand perfection of yourself. Tolerance and patience will go a long way to helping you weather this situation and emerge to feel like yourself again.

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