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Dream 01_200011

Dream of the Month (November 2000)
  1. Title: A Dying Fish

  2. Date of the Dream: 10/30/2000 (mailed Tuesday, 31 October 2000)

  3. Dream: I dreamed that I had a goldfish in a tall plastic container with a lid. At first, the water in the container was dirty and the fish was dying, so I changed the water and the fish started swimming around and everything was fine.

    However, the water kept getting dirty and I had to keep changing it to keep the fish alive. I tried to hide the container, but when I would check on it, the lid kept getting screwed on tight, and although I know that fish breathe oxygen in the water, the fish was suffocating because the lid was on. Every time I took the lid off and hid the container, when I would return to check on it, the lid would be on tight.

    I kept thinking that if I could find a real fish bowl, that I wouldn not have to worry anymore. I was leaving the fish to find the fish food, so it would eat and be stronger. Finally, I returned to check on the fish, and it was dead. I tried to come to terms with that but couldn not, so I took the fish out and performed CPR on it, and it came back to life.

  4. Significant life event: My husband's business failed and he's having a hard time recovering. Our finances are in terrible shape. It's putting a terrible strain on my marriage

  5. Personal concerns/issues: same as above

  6. Associations: I think I get the basic idea of the dream, but I am interested to know more about what the major symbols in the dream mean. (the container, the goldfish, etc.)

  7. Pen Name: Akasha

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Identifying Characteristics: Fish often represent the emotional life of the dreamer.

Set against the background of very real challenges in your life, this dream zeroes in on your innermost feelings and needs. The dirty water represents the factors that are “contaminating” your sense of well-being, and it also reflects a confusion between certain thoughts and emotions. (Mud and dirty water often represent conflicting thoughts and emotions.)

When a dream shows us repeating an attempted solution without results, this usually implies there is a similar pattern operating in waking life. You may be trying to use will power against emotions, or diminishing your own needs as “weak” or “selfish.” Although brave, these reactions are bound to keep you fixed in an endless loop. Neither tossing away your feelings, (discarding the water) nor keeping a lid on them will be of help in this situation. If you are acting as a support to others during had times, it is essential that you find some people or resources to support your own needs as well. Check in with friends, relatives and others who may be able to let you unload or bounce ideas off them. You need emotional room to breathe, and you will feel much more in control and better able to help those you love when your own balance is restored.

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