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Dream 01_200010

Dream of the Month (October 2000)
  1. Title: Angelic Flight

  2. Date of the Dream: 7/10/1998 (mailed Wednesday, 27 September 2000)

  3. Dream: Iím standing on a mountain-top at night. The sky is midnight blue and there is a cool breeze. Iím watching two majestically dressed beings in flight, having fun. They seem to be catching silver snowflakes in their beautiful colorful robes. One sees me and comes over to me, inviting me to fly with them and catch the silver snowflakes which seem to be alive.

    We dance in flight for hours, then one of them motions it is time to go. All the snowflakes he has caught in his robe he then pours from his robe to mine. I know that one day I will be here again. He turns and waves goodbye, and I feel sad that they are leaving. But I feel in my heart that one day I will see them again, and that I know them somehow, from somewhere.

  4. Significant life event: none that i remember

  5. Personal concerns/issues: none that i remember

  6. Associations: dont know if it was an astral dream,

  7. Pen Name: Jenna

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Identifying Characteristics: Ecstatic flight represents the freeing of ideas, energy or patterns.

This dream reminds us that we cannot ultimately distinguish between transpersonal journeys and symbolic dreams. Perhaps the struggle to make that distinction is a misdirection of attention. Whether these events took place in the realm of imagination or some other dimension, the feelings and sights experienced are rich with gifts.

The high place implies a lofty perspective associated with spiritual awareness. The darkness of the sky, (usually a symbol of confusion) is dispelled by magical figures and snowflakes. If this dreamer has ever felt lost, he is not lost now. If he has felt alone, he has reason to believe he is loved.

Bright colors generally represent comfort with and understanding of emotion. Snow, usually a symbol of endings and frozen feelings, is here depicted as luminous and magic. The fragments of feeling created through the unwanted changes of a lifetime are being brought back home and transformed into new energy. This is done through the acceptance of deep feelings; the recognition of a spiritual perspective. The poetic image of the angel gathering up energy and then passing it back to the dreamer to use until they meet again is beautiful, and very possibly the way things really are. Most importantly, this miracle of energy renewal is all done so lightly, by dancing with angels in a midnight sky. Perhaps the things we strive to change might move more quickly if we accepted ourselves and lifted our sights.

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