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Dream 01_200004

Dream of the Month (April 2000)
  1. Title: Crab Attack

  2. Date of the Dream: 3/21/2000 (mailed Tuesday, 21 March 2000)

  3. Dream: I was standing in a murky lake when I was attacked by a large, bright orange crab, known as the “Dekalb Claw.” I had never heard of this crab before, but rumor had it that it was one of the most vicious species around. It attacked my left foot and pulled chunks of my meat off my foot in manner eerily similar to the way we pull crab meat out of a shell. Blood was gushing out of my foot and it had to be wrapped in a towel to halt the bleeding. I peaked under the towel to discover that my foot was missing toes and the side. When I later took the towel off, however, I was disappointed to discover that my foot was perfectly intact. I wanted some sign of the accident, but there was none.

  4. Significant life event: On this business trip I am feeling a certain amount of pressure to close a couple of business contracts very soon. I am visiting our headquarters outside of Chicago (but not in Dekalb) but staying at my mom's house and sharing a room with my 3 yr old (whom I took with me) while on this trip. I'm usually at a hotel, so I would say that my location is much more comfortable than my normal travelling circumstances.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: Even though crab is one of my favorite foods, I've felt peculiarly appalled by Red Lobster's recent TV ad campaign of lobsters scurrying on the ocean floor followed by a shot of hungry restaurant patrons ripping apart lobster tails and devouring the contents. You would never see a commercial featuring a field full of cows followed by people eating hamburgers. Personally, I can't stand lobster but I do love crab.

  6. Associations: I very often have nightmares about the mangling of my feet, but they usually involve a shard of glass that completely pierces my foot. Sometimes it's a nail. This is the first dream in which something live has attacked my feet.

  7. Pen Name: Steffee

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Identifying characteristics: feet are associated with the fundamentals of life as well as our sense of direction and purpose.

Being consumed by something you usually devour illustrates the cost involved in one area of your life. In dreams, eating represents taking in experiences and being nourished or sustained by the results of those experiences. This dream hints that the thing you usually “eat up” with relish has a hidden downside in that it sometimes “eats you alive.” Underwater creatures can reflect undercurrents in a situation whose powerful effects are usually obscured by our “official” position on the subject. Orange is a color of heightened emotion, so the large, notorious crab probably represents the downside of a consuming pattern about which you have surprisingly strong (but downplayed) feelings. it is likely that you alone have any sense of the cost involved, even after wounding and loss that is quite traumatic, there are is no lasting evidence of all that you have gone through. The left foot is particularly associated with fundamental desires and values dealing with women's issues and feminine hungers. Thus this side of you may be the part that suffers the greatest loss when you dive into waters that seem necessary and worthy of your energy – but which are in conflict with some pretty core desires. Watch your dreams and if wounding is a recurring theme, search for a compromise that won not sabotage achievement, but may allow for a more balanced and multifaceted lifestyle.

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