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Dream 01_200002

Dream of the Month (February 2000)
  1. Title: Elevator Horrors

  2. Date of the Dream: 1/03/2000 (mailed Tuesday, 04 January 2000)

  3. Dream: I'm on an elevator with two other women whom I don't know. The elevator begins going up and does not stop, increasing in speed. I am terribly frightened because the elevator is moving so fast and I know it's not going to stop. We are all screaming. The elevator continues upward until it bursts out of the building and into the air, at which time I become even more frightened because I realize that now it is going to fall and crash. Then the elevator does fall and crash to the ground (which is actually the rooftop of the building) and I look across to see that the other two women are covered in blood and are badly hurt. I then see myself, and I too am hurt and bleeding. I try to open the doors of the elevator when suddenly it bursts into flames. The next thing I know, the other two women are gone and I am outside of the elevator on top of the building. There is a ladder extended up to the building and I can hear lots of commotion and sirens. A man is below on the ladder but cannot reach me and he's telling me I must climb down backwards, but I am too frightened and tell him I can't. But then I do turn backwards and begin to go down. I don't remember getting to the bottom, and next I am suddenly running across town to another building where I know my fiancée is waiting for me. I know he'll be angry that I'm late, and when I run up to him he is definitely mad. Then he realizes that I am hurt and bleeding and I tell him what happened and he's grateful that I'm okay. Then the dream switches scenes and I am sitting in my living room with my fiancée and I say to him, "Honey I had another one of those crazy elevator dreams again last night". Then I proceed to describe the whole "dream" to him during this dream.

  4. Significant life event: Two months ago I became engaged and received a work promotion. These events came as suprises and occured within one week of one another, and I am elated about both.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: none that I can think of.

  6. Associations: Not sure why I've had this recurring dream for so many years, and I'm very curious to know if there is a connection between my mother, sister and I that causes us to have the same recurring dream.(?)

  7. Pen Name: Claudia

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Identifying Characteristics: Elevators frequently reflect our subjective sense of control over current events.

Misfortune with elevators reflects a sense that what we ‘ask for’ will bring about changes over which we have less control than we’d like. The ‘upward’ elevator nightmare usually comes when things are going well for the dreamer – and this makes it harder to understand why ‘bad dreams’ happen during good times. But sudden good fortune that brings life-changing circumstances commonly triggers this nightmare. The dream is not an indicator of doing the wrong thing; rather it seems to arise from a mixture of tensions. When we're lucky, we do not take seriously the strain placed on us by new situations, exposure and responsibility. We have more variables to consider, more people depending on us, and inside us the expectations we set for ourselves are moved upward to an astonishing degree. Skyrocketing expectations, a personality that prefers to control details, and progress that thrusts you into the very things you want most is a recipe for this dream. Time, familiarity and confidence usually bring our expectations of perfection and inner criticism to a more livable level. The criteria you set for success and satisfaction should be moved up incrementally and adjusted as you learn what works and what makes you truly happy. Be generous with yourself and pardon any mistakes that are part of your learning curve in new situations. If you are willing to sacrifice the myth of instant perfection, you will get to have the reality of lasting success.

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