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Dream 01_199910

Dream of the Month (October 1999)
  1. Title: Stop Smoking Through Creative Visualization

  2. Date of the Dream: 9/3/1999 (mailed Friday, 03 September 1999)

  3. Dream: I dreamed I had been admitted for tests in a hospital and was waiting to hear whether or not I had lung cancer. I was in a room with 3 roommates but had no idea why they were there too. I had completed my tests and was waiting to hear the results, but no one would come and talk with me; I just kept waiting and waiting. Finally, I overheard the dark-haired, freckled one of my roommates talking to the others and telling them that I did have cancer; she had heard the nurses and doctors talking. At that point all I could think about was whether or not it would be terminal and how I didn't want to tell my children. I suddenly coughed up blood and tissue and then went to the bed to lie down and pray. I was praying to God to spare me, saying I was a good person who hadn't yet finished my life. Then I realized that there are lots of good people in the world who do not smoke - so I didn't deserve to live. After this thought materialized, I then knew why none of the medical staff would come and talk with me. They were all disgusted with me because this was all my fault. I woke up then. This dream was so vivid and real. The realization I had while praying was almost a religious experience. I was very upset when I woke up and the feeling has lingered throughout the day.

  4. Significant life event: No life event, I have been overly concerned (anxiety) about chest pain I have been experiencing and I want to stop smoking

  5. Personal concerns/issues: Aging, body changing - and not being happy with these changes. Marriage problems

  6. Associations: The dream added to my existing anxiety. I feel I am at crossroads of life right now.

  7. Pen Name: Shelby

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Identifying Characteristics: Smoking in dreams often reflects an addictive pattern, blood loss represents a loss of energy and vitality.

It is easy to see that this dream is in large part a signal from the body to stop smoking. These “alarm” dreams are quite common to smokers and particularly to youngsters who have just started the habit. Not surprisingly many people respond to them by quitting smoking and improving their health practices in general. But research shows that habits are more difficult to change when we view them from moralistic and judgmental perspectives. This dream hints that your own conflict about the issue may be making it tougher to kick the habit. Try to view it as a problem to solve instead of a question of character or ethics, and you will feel freer to find the support, method or program that works for you. When we are truly ready to make a change, we begin to dream of “3 characters” who are present. This is true when people are ready to leave abusive relationships, to lose weight, to go after a great career, or to change a habit. Your 3 roommates are likely there because you are more eager and ready to tackle this issue than you think! When the psyche has gathered it is forces in this way, things that seemed impossible in previous years can be accomplished much more readily than ever before. Finally, the blood that is coughed up suggests that in order to make this change, you need some special support. Not only with the habit itself, but with other issues that tend to drain and challenge your energy. Make a pact to get more positive resources in your life, whether that means a support group, the counsel of friends, a therapist or the church of your choice. By “feeding” yourself with positive experiences you will be in a more balanced and healthy position from which to make lasting changes to live the life you really want and deserve.

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