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Dream 01_199908

Dream of the Month (August 1999)
  1. Title: Pickled Foot

  2. Date of the Dream: 7/23/1999 (mailed Friday, 23 July 1999)

  3. Dream: I dreamt that someone sent me to buy extremely strong pickled vegetables for a certain man. I do not remember who he was but I know that one of my friends was involved with or interested in him. He was in some sort of war, and the person who sent me believed that the stronger the pickles were, the more protection they were going to bring him. I was willing to help because I liked the guy myself and couldn not bear to see him exit. So I went to the convenience store and for some reason it was like the convenience stores in Iran. I do not remember if the man behind the counter spoke Persian, but I know that Craig (whom I like) worked there. I told the guy behind the counter that I need pickles to send to war and he brought me this jar and told me that they were very strong and just what I needed. Then Craig asked me if I needed any pot (marijuana) and when I looked over I saw a carton full of pot (in loose form) in the corner of the store, where everyone could see it. I accepted and he scooped about a pound of pot into a white paper bag and gave it to me. I left the store and started walking home.

    As I was walking I looked at the jar and noticed that there seemed to be black men's socks in the middle of the vegetables. I thought to myself that this was a VERY strong pickle if they were using smelly socks for flavor. And then, all of a sudden I noticed that there weren not only socks in the jar but a whole foot including the ankle and part of the leg with blood still on it. I do not remember if it was a pair of feet or just one…but I was so disgusted that I almost threw up. Despite my feeling of disgust I kept carrying the jar, until for some reason I was required to leave it on the ground for a few minutes and go do something. When I returned the pickle jar was open and the foot was gone. When I looked up I saw a door half open about the same place I left the jar and out of the half open door there was a human hand made of wax hanging out. The fake hand was bloody and was giving me a “thumbs up”. That is when I woke up.

  4. Significant life event: No real significant event have happened in the past year.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: I have been trying to get over my ex-boyfriend of a long time. We are still friends and in the same program at university and seeing him everyday doesn't make things easier for me. However, in the summer I don't see him as often and my friends have been trying to get me to notice other people.

  6. Associations: I lived in Iran until I was 15 and speak persian fluently

  7. Pen Name: Poupak

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Identifying Characteristics:

Feet are symbolic of purposeful movement and foundation. Pickles represent “problems” usually resulting from prolonged or preserved attitudes.

When a dream presents ghoulish or macabre images, it often tells us that some attitude or pattern is drawing us into maintaining something that is already over or “dead” for us. The attempt to rescue or heal some likeable fellow with “strong pickles” suggests that some piece of the past is being preserved mistakenly out of mixed feelings or reluctance to see that connection “die.” Since death in dreams is often symbolic of change, sometimes when we're trying to prevent a death, we are actually avoiding closure or complete change. This dream does not pull any punches with its shocking imagery, and this is probably a deliberate wake up call. The implication is that preserving fragments from the past goes against the natural course of life – you do not want a piece of a memory or an imitation of life, but the real thing! (Yet sticking with something old can prevent you from making new things happen). Finally, when alcohol, drugs or cigarettes appear in a relationship dream, the suggestion is to watch out for any kind of addictive patterns in relationships, and to enter into new connections with your eyes wide open. This creative and spunky dream suggests that part of you is more than ready to let go of the past and embrace the kind of future you deserve. If you stay conscious and listen to your instincts, you may be surprised at what blossoms for you.

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