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Dream 01_199906

Dream of the Month (June 1999)
  1. Title: Music Of The Heart

  2. Date of the Dream: 3/1999 (mailed Saturday, 01 May 1999)

  3. Dream: I was playing the cello in a quartet. (In the dream I knew the other musicians, but they are not anyone I know in waking life.) We were seated in a large building that seemed glass or crystal, illumined with light. This light had colors through it, like light through a prism. I was very into the music. It seemed as if the music came from inside me through the instrument. I was very happy and at peace. There were lots of green plants there and many people were walking around, some stopped to listen with pleasant looks on their faces. Others moved to the music as they walked by. But for me the only intense feeling was the joy I felt at playing the music. It was beautiful and I knew it was a gift. When it was all done I felt tired and drained but in a good way. Then a friend came over and hugged me, saying how beautiful the music had been and that he could tell it was a composition of mine. Then he took a step back and gestured toward another fellow: “You know he wants to tell you how much he enjoyed it too, but he is too shy.” I smiled and extended my hand to him. I knew this fellow (he is a reoccurring person in my dreams). He took me by the hand and led me away from the crowd talking very gently to me. He told me how much he appreciates music, and how much he cares for me. He has always cared for me but didn not think I even knew he existed. But when he heard my music he knew that I loved him too. As the dream ended I was walking hand in hand with him, glancing up in admiration, and feeling a joy that so strong it seemed it would explode my heart.

  4. Significant life event: Just every day life

  5. Personal concerns/issues: None that I can remember now

  6. Associations: I do not play the cello, nor am I what you would call talented musically. I love music, and attempt to play the flute and piano, but am not proficient in it. I have never even touched a cello. The “man of my dreams”, has been a reoccurring figure in what I call my “happy” dreams since I was about 13. He always is sweet, gentle and caring, I always feel an overwhelming love for him, I always recognize him when he enters my dream. But when I wake up I haven not the foggiest idea who he is or what his name is. But the feeling of happiness, peace and well-being that results from these dreams almost always last well into the following day. I have a fantasy that someday in real life I will meet him and recognize him, as the one I will spend the rest of my life with. I guess I just figure this is one of those "Don't give up hope" dreams, whenever I think I will not find a life companion.

  7. Pen Name: goodgal

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Identifying Characteristics

Music is a symbol of the emotional and soulful movements in life. String instruments are particularly associated with the synergy of complementary forces.

This dream implies that surrendering to your interests, and expressing your talents will do much more than create interesting, rewarding results. It will balance you in a vital way, and allow different aspects of your being to “play together” aligned toward the same expression and desires. This music is probably a metaphor for living by heart, listening to your muse and sharing your gifts with others. However there is likely also a specific area where you have very refined expertise or knowledge, that you may not always feel you have an adequate forum in which to share. If that is true, it appears wise to view the expression of your talents or perceptions as a discipline or sacred practice, and to “play” just because you can. Doing so will place you in a field of happy coincidences, drawing to you people and experiences to love. Possibly the dream companion is an aspect of yourself made complete by your unfettered expression. But the dream does hint strongly that being true to your interests, hungers and talents will also put you in harmony with someone special who can understand the music in your heart.

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