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Dream 01_199905

Dream of the Month (May 1999)
  1. Title: Pieces Of My Dog

  2. Date of the Dream: 4/9/1999 (mailed Tuesday, 13 April 1999)

  3. Dream: I am in an apartment with my boyfriend and my 2 dogs. The apartment seems different from where I live. Though I can't see my boyfriend, he is somewhere around. Despite the unfamiliar furnishings, I seem to know my way around. I start searching for my dogs but not calling out like I would normally. I look under the sink and find some sort of powder on the floor that looks like detergent in powder form.

    The next thing I see is that one of my dogs, my favorite, has her body split into 3 parts. Her head, her front half, and rear half are all separated. All the parts are moving and she is looking at me. The powder stuff lies near her and I know she has either eaten this stuff or sniffed at it. She looks at me in bewilderment and I scream, and press her head to her upper body with my right hand. Using my left hand I try to push up the rear portion of her body into position to reconnect with the front. All the while I am crying and panicking.

  4. Significant life event: Started playing golf on the night I had the dream, practising at the golf range. Had been excited about it for whole of previous week. Over the weekend before the dream, had worked on a report for my boss at work.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: Have been divorced for 3 years now...A few days before the dream, had been thinking of my ex-hubby...thoughts/feeling that I may still love him

  6. Associations: My dogs are now 4 years old only. They do not go out of the apartment at all. Cannot think if anyting could happen to them. That is why the dream puzzles me.

  7. Pen Name:

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Identifying Characteristics:

Wounded or injured pets often represent tender aspects of the dreamer's own personality that have experienced pain.

We often dream of something horrible happening to a pet just when we have been contemplating or doing something that would be emotionally painful to us. Wounded pet dreams arise as stunning reminders of the very real pain we have felt, and suggest that something about a current choice or situation is threatening to bruise those feelings yet again. We react to these images with far stronger feelings of protectiveness and devotion than we might if a dream simply said “remember you were hurt before, think carefully about this.” As heartbreaking as these dreams seem, they are valuable signals to scrutinize choices and make sure you aren not tolerating something that is too painful for your own loyal, loving side. do not let rationalization or regret make you feel fragmented, and do not give into haunting doubts about hard choices. If you are ever tempted to accept conditions that are hurtful, remember the face of your dog in this dream, and you will always know what choice to make.

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