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Dream 01_199904

Dream of the Month (April 1999)
  1. Title: Toothless Again

  2. Date of the Dream: 3/10/1999 (mailed Tuesday, 09 March 1999)

  3. Dream: I was acutely aware of the feeling of my teeth in my mouth. Suddenly I realized they were all loose and falling out in rapid succession. I thought "Oh no, it's finally happened! My previous dreams of all my teeth falling out, being brittle and having a hideous color have become reality." I took a mirror off a man to look at my gums and expected to find only a few brittle bits left in my mouth, but found instead that they were all still there and were in fact very sparkling white. However, the 'middle' of some of them was gone. This didn't alarm me though, as I thought that could easily be fixed. Then I found myself talking to a woman. She told me something, which I can't remember. I then put my hand on her arm and asked her whether she interpreted dreams as well, as it seemed important to me to have this done. My quest seemed to have some urgency about it. She didn't respond verbally, but only smiled.

  4. Significant life event: 2 weeks ago I separated from my partner of 16 years (for the 4th time!)

  5. Personal concerns/issues: None

  6. Associations: It appears that I was aware of previous similar dreams in this dream. Then when I was talking to the woman, I was again aware that this was also a dream, although at the time of thinking my teeth had all come out, it felt very real.I can't be too sure who the man was whom I took the mirror from, but I think he was my previous partner.

  7. Pen Name:

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Identifying Characteristics:

Teeth symbolize core aspects of one's nature. Mirrors represent self-concept or self-assessment.

Dreams about losing teeth illustrate the cost of a personal compromise in terms of how it erodes the self. In a sense these dreams say: “Look what a high price you are paying in this situation, an irreplaceable part of your self feels like it is falling away.” But this dream isn not another signal of loss; it is an assessment of what parts of herself have emerged safely from the corrosive elements that once bombarded her. Although she expects the worst, her core self is quite intact and unsoiled. (Her teeth are there and they are unstained.) There are signs of what she's been through, but even these weakened areas have strong roots and distinct edges, suggesting that her core and her boundaries are surprisingly solid. Since she takes the mirror from the man, she may be in the process of reclaiming her self-image and releasing patterns from the relationship that affected the way she saw herself. Her sense of having an urgent quest to understand her dream suggests she is instinctively turning toward a personal and enduring level of knowing what is right for her. Even her dreams are showing she has everything she needs to repair wounds and move forward. This is an excellent time to follow hunches, value intuition and get reacquainted with the self.

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