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Dream 01_199903

Dream of the Month (March 1999)
  1. Title: Diamonds In The Rough

  2. Date of the Dream: 2/25/1999 (mailed Sunday, 28 February 1999)

  3. Dream: I was sitting in an auditorium watching a play with my best friend. Out of nowhere, a beautiful old woman with very white hair came over and grabbed my hand.

    She was attracted to the diamond ring I was wearing. It had a large diamond in the middle set between two smaller diamonds. There were also two separate bands of diamonds above the ring, and two bands of diamonds beneath it. She grasped my hand tightly with both of hers, and whispered to me: "You are so lucky, look at this ring! It is so beautiful...you don't know how lucky you are. This ring is screaming, hope, love...." (In my head, I was thinking that I wasn't lucky, I wasn't even married, this just happened to be a ring that was passed down to me as a family heirloom. I knew the ring was beautiful, but it was just a reminder of the love that I could not find.)

    The old lady, in complete amazement would not let go of my hand. She asked if she could take the diamond bands off. I agreed to let her, and she took the four diamond bands off, placing them on the wooden desk attached to my chair. She stared at them with contentment.

    The next thing I knew I was walking home with my best friend. I looked down at my hand, and noticed that my four diamond bands were gone. I panicked. I then ran towards the auditorium, which was miles away. I thought there was no way that the diamonds would still be there, but I had to go back. Just before getting to the auditorium, it began to snow very hard.

    Finally, I arrived at the auditorium, only to find an entirely different scene. The room seemed a lot brighter, and there were different groups of people scattered throughout.

    I ran over to my seat, and there was a small group huddled around rehearsing their lines. I looked down at the wooden desk of my chair only to find my silver necklace. I almost began to cry, but then something told me that the diamonds had to still be there. I looked all around, and then looked underneath only to find all of the diamonds scattered on the floor beneath the chair. I had to crawl under the chair to get to them. As I picked up the diamonds, and held them in my hand, I felt a huge sense of relief. My one-year-old nephew then came out of nowhere and ran over to me and sat on my lap. I looked up to see where he came from, and I saw my brother across the way waving to me with a giant smile.

  4. Significant life event: I had been dating someone for a while, everything seemed to be going great...and then one day, out of nowhere I never heard from him again. So I guess you could say I am dealing with an emotional breakup...of just not knowing why or what happened.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: Questions of not knowing why things happen, and wondering how and if it is possible to get closure on certain issues in life.

  6. Associations: I believe that the old lady in my dream is my mother's cousin who recently exitd from cancer. She seemed a lot older in my dream, however she looked just like her and her appreciation for life and love showed through in her love of the ring. I believe she was sending me a message through my dream, I am just not sure exactly what she was trying to say.

  7. Pen Name: Diamond tears

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Identifying Characteristics

Rings represent promises; the vows others make to us, the promises we make to ourselves, and often the promise life itself holds for us. The rings in this dream symbolize a bit of all three types of promises.

The Diamonds in this dream represent love itself: the precious value of family, friends and future connections. The beautiful old woman points out the folly of focusing on disappointments and missing the beauty and value of what you have. Apparently something in your family has prepared you to be able to love well and successfully. do not consider this a reminder of what you are missing, but a promise of what you are therefore more likely to create. When a dream shows the loss and recovery of something precious, it reminds you to cherish and enjoy what you have, and recognize you are still all in one piece. It also implies that the appearance of loss is deceptive; by reaching to reclaim the “sparkle” in your life, you will discover some wonderful surprises, and find the gems that are even now in the palm of your hand. The smiling faces of family members at the end of the dream underscore the sense that love is all around you. Refuse to pour energy into the appearance of loss, and you will challenge fate to make good on its promise of fulfillment.

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