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Dream 01_199810

Dream of the Month (October 1998)
  1. Title: The Comfortable Coffin

  2. Date of the Dream: 9/24/1998 (mailed Friday, 25 September 1998)

  3. Dream: I entered a large auditorioum from a stage door on the right side of the auditorium. There was a huge audience present. As I walked out on to the stage, I looked down to my right and as I did I looked into an open coffin. It was apparently a demostration model and and had part of one side cut away to show some of the construction of the coffin. There was no body in the coffin. I remember the satin lining inside the coffin. Apparently it was padded with some new kind of soft, plush material. I looked inside toward the foot end of the coffin and it was ""L"" shaped at that point and much larger. It looked like there might be room enough for a person to sit up. I thought to myself, ""Now, later on, if I should wake and find myself inside this coffin with the lid closed I will not panic because it is big enough to move around in a little and therefore there will be some air to breath for a while, anyway."" Then the phrase came to me telepathically, Coffins, Built for everlasting comfort!"" In this dream I saw no one else on stage with me and heard no one speak, except for that remark.

  4. Significant life event: Recent changes in responsibilities at work forced upon me, not of my choice. Last week I attended a service school in a distant state. Was anxious about getting lost while driving, particularly at night in unfamiliar territory.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: Anxieties and unhappinesss at work and home.

  6. Associations: I don't have a clue.

  7. Pen Name: Clawaha

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Identifying elements:

Stages and audiences often reflect situations in which we perform or act because of wanting a particular response from others. Because coffins are the container in which “remains” of what was once alive are laid to rest, they tend to highlight our decisions about things that are no longer “alive” for us. Death in dreams generally symbolizes an ending or a change.


The implication here is that the dreamer is being such a good sport about some compromise that he may not realize until later how far the arrangement has carried him along in a direction that doesn't serve him. At the present, may feel he cannot afford to alter his course, too many eyes are upon him. In addition, there are many fringe benefits built into the proposal; in some ways it is cushy and plush. Apparently the deal offers him some breathing room, so he will not be crushed by it, and possibly there will be some exits or alternatives available later on. While he may be making the best of a tricky situation today, the dream suggests he should keep his eyes open about the “lasting” effects of it. To surrender temporarily in the face of overwhelming odds is a reasonable strategy. But to dwell on the “upside” of an unwanted situation can indeed encourage it to become everlasting.

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