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Dream 01_199806

  1. Title: When Pigs Fly

  2. Date of the Dream: 5/7/1998 (mailed Thursday, 07 May 1998)

  3. Dream: I was sitting in the snow by an old fort in the middle of nowhere, when I saw a white object flying toward me. At first I thought it was a swan, but as it got closer, I saw that it was a boar, with large white wings covered in glittering snow. It looked very peaceful and beautiful. I wanted to follow it, so I put out my arms and started flying. I was nervous. Afraid of not being able to fly or of crashing I remained very close to the ground without consistent height (probably a commentary on my self-confidence).

    Anyway, I followed this thing into a suburban neighborhood, and when we landed, it was not a boar at all, but a wolf! The snow began melting off, revealing its gray fur. It sat there looking at me, and I got so scared, I began breathing heavily. I noticed a gun in my hand. I raised the gun, and tried to fire at the wolf, but no bullets came out, and the wolf still sat there. It looked very disappointed that I was trying to kill it. I tried a couple more times, before I realized there were no bullets in the gun. Then I started crying, because I saw that the wolf was shaking its head, and was angry I had tried to kill it, after it had tried to help me and guide me.


    Well, that's it, but it's bizarre indeed. I don't own a gun, I have never even held one! I don't live in the suburbs, I have never seen a wolf or been to any old forts. I live in a college town, and study art history. The recurring part is just the wolf. I have had friends interpret the wolf as an antagonistic being in dreams, but for some reason, mine are always trying to guide me. They seem to have mother/ female overtones, and they are there to protect me. I don't know if this has anything to do with the goddess, which would be my only suspicion, but I don't know anything about that stuff!

  4. Significant life event: I broke up with a serious boyfriend in January, we stopped trying to work things out about three weeks ago, and haven't really spoken since then.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: Trying to stand back up is always a concern after a break-up.

  6. Associations: see above, in the dream description.

  7. Pen Name: pickle

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

A guiding creature in a dream is often a sign that some part of the dreamer's nature is surfacing to help her through a daunting experience or a painful passage. The creature, often an animal, may be a strong clue to the very traits and attributes the dreamer may call upon for greater resilience and a keener sense of direction. As many dreamers can attest, the benevolent wolf is a totem of power and dignity. It suggests a fierce determination to survive without apology or question; and a wild wisdom that defies domestication.

For women, the wolf seems aligned with the potential for independence, power that is internally located and not reliant upon endorsement or approval from others. This dynamic strength and love of freedom is often kept in the margins of modern life, and remains difficult to reconcile with needs for relationship. There is little doubt, however that this potent "wolf" quality is excellent medicine for anyone tempted to identify with the pain of loneliness rather than the feast of freedom.

It is an excellent sign that despite confusion and misgivings, this dreamer has the spirit to follow her own nature and the leads that come to her. Although this soulful aspect appears in many guises as it pulls her forward, she ultimately recognizes that the little- known wolf is a powerful friend. This means she is recovering the ability to trust her own impulses, and will no longer diminish her instincts for strength and freedom. The recovery of trust in this "surviving self" is sometimes like psychic transfusion of life force. Even in it's startling form, this dream is a harbinger of self-discovery and empowerment.

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