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Dream 01_199805

Dream of the Month (May 1998)
  1. Title: Snake Bite

  2. Date of the Dream: 4/26/1998 (mailed Monday, 27 April 1998)

  3. Dream: I woke up in a bed. It was in a very nice, light house with a loft bedroom. The walls were very light yellow. (This was not my real bed, nor my house, but it felt like I was staying there). On the side of my bed hung a plant, and suddenly something moved there. I realized it was a snake: white with black and yellow-and-red zig zags, very sleek. It rushed and leaped towards me! I knew it was going to bite me. I tried to stop it with my pillow; by folding it in two, but it bit me through the pillow. The pain was so realistic.

    I looked at my hand, and in the fleshy part between my thumb and palm I saw the teeth marks. I wondered how it managed to bite me through the pillow. The snake coiled as if in pain the way a bee exits after one sting. I ran downstairs screaming for help. I felt like the poison was affecting me, and I was wondered if it was a deadly poison. I did not know whether I would be affected, or how, but it felt very final somehow.

    I came into a hall. It was very beautiful and light, with stone floors and semi-open walls. Someone was taking an elderly lady to a doctor. As they saw and heard me, they wanted to cancel the appointment of this old lady, and rush me to the doctors instead. I was wondering why no one thought of the emergency room, but there was such confusion with my entrance. At the same time I knew I was going to miss picking up my boss, due to the snake bite, and I was trying to come up with a solution of how to go and fetch him. I woke up feeling the snake bite, very scared and confused.

  4. Significant life event: New job six months before, moving house three months earlier.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: I had a brief affair.

  6. Associations: I'm puzzled by the realistic feeling, and the fierceness of the snake biting me. The surroundings were beautiful, tranquil and nothing like ""a snake dream"". Felt like a night mare, but the surroundings were so unusually beautiful. I come from Finland, live in Holland but the feeling was like Italy/Mediterranean.

  7. Pen Name: Katie

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Dreams of snake bites are extremely important. They reflect an initiation taking place through the presentation of a problem in the dreamer's life. Snakes often symbolize the type of problems we'd much prefer not to be burdened with, but when they bite us the situation is much more than a challenge. In some sense there is a deep spiritual gauntlet that is thrown down which says: by meeting and doing your best here, you can be tranformed to another level of living. As much as you wish this situation hadn't come up, your response to it is potentially magic.

The vivid sleekness of the snake as well as it's sacrifice in delivering the message convey a sort of beauty and grace. Similarly the lofty setting and light atmosphere of the house underscore the fact that this is more than a nightmare.

Several elements here suggest awareness is the key to facing and negotiating these challenges. The dream begins with "waking up" which implies becoming conscious of something. The bite of an animal is symbolic of receiving a message. The attempt to deflect this awareness with a pillow, a symbol of staying asleep, is unsuccessful. And finally, the dreamer's old issues (represented by the old woman) are seen as less important than this mysterious and miraculous wound. Truly, treating and understanding this dream bite is an important task: one the dreamer intuitively senses is special and something from which she will not turn back.

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