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Dream 01_199802

Dream of the Month (February 1998)
  1. Title: Fear

  2. Date of the Dream: 12/23/1997 (mailed Monday, 05 January 1998)

  3. Dream: I was walking with five other people through a forest. A huge black dragon began chasing us and we ran until we reached a large gray castle. I escaped and entered the castle and the others were eaten by the dragon.

    When I entered the castle I somehow was on the very top floor. There was a stairway going around in a square shape, open in the middle and going a long way down. The dragon entered the castle (strange, since the door was normal size and the dragon was huge). To escape I jumped over the railing of the stairway and began to fall. On the way down I started grabbing the railing and swinging myself off the other railings until I was pretty close to the bottom. I missed the last 3 railings and fell hard on the ground below.

    When I stood up I was looking down a long hallway. I still had the feeling the dragon was chasing me. I walked down the hallway and at the end were two doors: one on my right and one on my left. I entered the one on my right. When I walked into the room I felt as though the dragon had stopped following me and I wasn't scared anymore. The roon had no windows but was kind of L shaped. In the center of the room was a cradle. I looked at the cradle and saw a little baby lying in it. I backed out of the doorway into the hallway and closed the door. Then I woke up.

  4. Significant life event: can't think of any

  5. Personal concerns/issues: my mother had been talking of setting me up with a girl at her work

  6. Associations: none

  7. Pen Name: Mark Currie

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

This dreamer is on the threshold of change that is both frightening and promising. In dreams the forest represents a challenging passage, something personal that requires special fortitude or resolve to march through. It is a time when standard advice or recipes for sucess don't do us much good. (Not that they're wrong, but because the real drama is private, not economic or social.) There is a personal test involved that may not be obvious to others, but nevertheless makes us feel pitted against something powerful and bewildering. It is, appropriately enough, a time in life when we "meet our dragons." In symbolic terms the dragon (or demon of the forest), represents a personal bugagoo: the thing that has, until now, kept us from the next level of fulfillment and happiness.

It is natural for dreamers to race toward the castle, the symbol of things traditionally thought to provide safety. But as we all discover, "doing the right thing" (finding the castle) doesn't solve our problems - it merely places them within an armored environment. The dragon does indeed follow us inside.

This dream ends with two very positive signs however. The dreamer, faced with the choice between past and future (left and right) selects his future. Whatever pitfalls he's dealt with are being left behind him. His discovery of a baby suggests part of his struggle is about releasing the past so he can embrace the next stage - represented by the baby. Ordeals that end in the discovery of a child refect enormous promise for the dreamer, and good reason to feel courageous and hopeful in the face of change.

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