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Dream 01_199801

Dream of the Month (January 1998)
  1. Title: My Son Like a Bird

  2. Date of the Dream: 12/8/1997 (mailed Thursday, 11 December 1997)

  3. Dream: I often dream of a bird of mine that gets ill. I suffer over it and try to treat it. But my cares are vain, and it fades away, or transforms into an embrio that represents my son and then it exits a violent death. Last time I dreamt of it a friend of mine smashed the bird into a toaster! For more complete information I am not married and haven't any children.

  4. Significant life event:

  5. Personal concerns/issues:

  6. Associations:

  7. Categories: nightmare and recurring

  8. Pen Name: Mariagrazia

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Specific and recurring imagery such as this is sometimes linked with a painful experience in the dreamer's past. But the regularity of the dream suggests that past pain is very closely associated with current concerns of a similar emotional nature.

Birds are thought to represent the human soul: the theme of rescuing a dying bird suggests a very serious wound to the spirit that has not yet been well-tended. It is likely this dreamer is in a situation where courage and performance are stressed, and grief or soul-hunger must be put aside. When we rescue an animal in a dream, we are generally trying to save the part of ourselves that is simply starving for pleasure, comfort, or nurturance.

The embrio/bird may represent not only something in the past that was lost, but something in the present that is equally precious and in need of attention. The dream suggests this aspect of the self, (whether it is a talent, a quality or a desire) must be allowed to grow and flourish if the dreamer is to feel happy and at peace.

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