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Dream 01_199712

Dream of the Month (December 1997)
  1. Title: A Visit from the Sea

  2. Date of the Dream: 11/6/1997 (mailed Saturday, 08 November 1997)

  3. Dream: I was fishing on a secluded beach which appeared very beautiful and safe, no crashing of waves, just serene. I was alone on the beach with two fishing rods cast into the ocean. I felt sand beneath my feet and the warmth of the sun. One of the fishing lines went tight and I could feel the power of a large fish on the end of the line. But it did not pull away from me like a normal catch would; it started to come towards the beach. The other line also went tight but it was a very small fish. It too came into the beach. (Don't ask me how I managed to reel in two fishing rods at once!)

    I could see then that the fish were very close to the shore. One of the fish was a small dolphin, and I felt pain at catching the beautiful creature. The second line had a small bait fish on the line. The dolphin beached itself on the sand. I felt it was not frightened, but wanted me to help get the hook out of it's skin. I saw the hook had gone through it's blowhole. I ran up the beach to a hut where I knew my mother was, and asked her to call an ambulance for the dolphin. She replied that it would take 20 minutes. I said don't worry and that I could help the dolphin myself. (I did not see my mother, we spoke though a screen door).

    I ran back to the dolphin and pushed the hook through the wound and cut the line to free it. I had an incredible sensation of the dolphin's skin and its presence. I knew this would be exactly how I would feel when I touched a dolphin. I dabbed at the wound with a tissue, then lifted it into my arms, and gently placed it back into the water. I fed the dolphin the bait fish that I had also caught. The dolphin swam around near me for a short while and then back into the deeper ocean. I felt elation at helping and meeting this creature, but hoped it would not develop any infection with the wound. For some strange reason I remember thinking it may have been a heomophiliac. I then awoke feeling spiritually uplifted.

  4. Significant life event: I was recently told that I am very spiritual and should develop this.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: I am a recently converted vegetarian and do not eat fish. I am going home to visit my family in Queensland (where I used to enjoy fishing). It is on the coast and a very hot climate. I recently got a promotion at work, but am not happy with my duties or the manager.

  6. Associations: Perhaps I have met with my spiritual guide/inner self? I realize I have changed my attitudes (hence not participating in fishing or eating meat anymore). I want to pursue a vocation that matches my beliefs.

  7. Category: psychic experience

  8. Pen Name: ocean girl

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

This beautiful dream traces an act of redemption. The dreamer has refused to exploit or harm a part of herself that she now recognizes as sacred. Because others can rarely help us to rescue our souls or to claim psychic freedom, neither her mother nor officials are able to help this process. But with courage and sensitivity she not only "unhooks" the part of herself that had been ensnared in life, but is able to nourish and liberate it as well. The release of the dolphin into the sea suggests a surrender on her part to trust the flow of her life and to embrace depth of experience. Her remaining concern, that the dolphin may be prone to bleeding, implies that she will want to examine her reactions with honesty to insure that she does not lose energy from old wounds. Still, the drama of this scene reveals that a core shift has taken place, and the dreamer is on a path that is more authentic, genuine and truly alive than ever before.

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