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Dream 01_199711

Dream of the Month (November 1997)
  1. Title: Born with a Caul

  2. Date of the Dream: 11/13/1997 (mailed Friday, 24 October 1997)

  3. Dream: I walk onto my Uncle Jan's farm (he is my mother's wealthy brother). I meet two people and greet them. Then I am in a room and see a boy child on the ground being born. Not from a woman, but out of a caul. He has a caul over his head, a membrane, like a transparent skin. He works to get it off and I help him pull it off. I am not allowed to pull it off his nose; this is something he must do for himself. There is no fear that he will suffocate, because he is still attached to the umbilical cord. I know it but don't see it. Finally he pulls the rest of the caul off his face. I greet him with love and happiness.

    I say, with a big smile: "Congratulations! Welcome to the world!" I am so happy to see that he birthed himself. He is a good looking boy, not like a new born, but like an eight or nine year old with a nice head of blond hair, and a recent hair cut. Behind me, an older woman comes up. When the boy sees her, he is happy and smiles at her and says, "Grandma!"

  4. Significant life event: Anticipated relationship break-up. Did primal work on existential guilt.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: Was almost cheated out of a business trip to Rome by jealous colleague who manipulated supervisor, but I am going in December.

  6. Associations: The birth may signify the birth of new qualities, such as strength to assert myself, protect myself. The caul puzzles me. Does folk lore say a child born with a caul has second sight? I had extraordinary experiences already and believe releasing guilt feeling may free my intuition up even more.

  7. Category: anomalous

  8. Pen Name: DreamJenn

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

One reason we often witness the birth of strange creatures in our dreams, is because these beings represent qualities within ourselves. When some part of the self "comes to life" we often dream of a birth scene. In this case the magical child represents the combined qualities of self-confidence and intuitive knowing. (When a dream contains a reference to the nose, there is often a pun involved suggesting that the person or aspect "knows.")

This dreamer is enjoying the vitalization of some qualities that have been latent for some time, (8 or 9 years) that are now more obvious and available on a conscious level. The pre-pubsecent age is also a time for many girls when they are deeply in touch with their essential selves. Before gender-role expectations and other inhibitions have intruded, the child may have a mystical awareness of the true self, as well as fine instincts about what suits them. There is an assertiveness born of certainty and clarity, rather than bitterness or cynicism. A return to this state signals a time of enhanced creativity, heightened intuition, and a comfort with the self and the world. This dream is a notice of congratulations. The dreamer now has access to the magical child and the wise woman, in archetypal terms, and these sources may ignite exciting and fruitful developments in the psyche and in life.

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