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Dream 01_199709

Dream of the Month (September 1997)
  1. Title: A Gift From My Inner Crone

  2. Date of the Dream: 8/16/1997 (mailed Sunday, 17 August 1997)

  3. Dream: I'm cleaning the basement of a house. I am vacuming the cobwebs up at the ceiling corners when I notice a old woman sitting in a high window in a wheelchair looking down on me. I approach her to say hello and she reaches her hand down to me as if to shake mine. I can barely reach her but manage to touch the tips of her fingers. I noticed a large solitare ruby ring on her finger. She then pulled off the ring and dropped it down to me. I missed it and it fell to the floor. All the while though, I was talking to her saying encouraging things to her because after getting a closer look at her I knew that she was going off to exit. She was pale and sickly-looking with a yellow bruise around her left nostril, indicating that she had been intubated up until recently.

    Her caretaker appeared and took her away. After they departed, I picked up the ring and slipped it onto the third finger of my left hand. It was beautiful and the fit was perfect. Moments later the Old Crone's caretaker showed up and accused me of stealing the ring and started badgering me for it. I quickly hid the stone and band under the wide metal band of my watch and ran off to find a place in my bedroom to hide it from the accusing caretaker. As I was walking back to my room in the basement, I looked up at the underside of one of the windowsills above me and thought I saw a small child's foot. It disturbed me for a moment but not enough for me to delay in finding a safe hiding place from the accusing caretaker.

  4. Significant life event: New relationship, romantic interest.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: Just prior to the dream I was journaling. Questioning with dominant hand and answering with non-dominant hand. The last entry of my journal was an answer with my nondominant hand that the answer would come in the form of a dream. I have also been dealing with issues of career and life changes.

  6. Associations: The wiser part of myself is trying to impart some knowledge to my conscious self about upcomming changes I need to make in my life.

  7. Category: psychic experience

  8. Pen Name:

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Cleaning an area is almost always a sign of inner preparation for entering a new phase. The action in the basement suggests a process of going deeply beneath the surface of life at this time, and of aligning different aspects of the self toward the upcoming shift. The gift from the crone has the hallmarks of a classic theme: the bestowal of wisdom from an elder. Since rings often represent promises, the gift has a personal tone as well. The implication is that while the dreamer has "cleaned out her basement" she has or will retrieve a reminder of a promise long ago made to herself, which "still fits perfectly." Despite official objections that it is not hers, (from the caretaker side of her nature?) she insists on keeping the ring, and probably her promise to herself as well.

Since the ring is red, we may suppose the promise has to do with aliveness, passion, and life-force. The ill health of the crone implies that this gift has been held in keeping for the dreamer during a period of her life when the promise could not be fulfilled. At this time however, certain activities and associations are drawing to a close, as represented by the "death" of the crone. She is on the threshold of something quite new (as represented by the baby's foot.) It is important that the dreamer let go of certain things right now, and "grasp the ring" in other parts of her life. Her ability to explore with intuition as well as scrutinize with the intellect bodes well for her success.

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