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Dream 01_199707

Dream of the Month (July 1997)
  1. Title: The Wrong Train

  2. Date of the Dream: 5/28/97 (mailed Monday, 23 June 1997)

  3. Dream: I was in my home city of Adelaide. I hopped on to a train to go a short distance to my grandparents place. (Who exitd 11 years ago). However at the time I didn't know that it was an express train interstate. After a while I realized I must have caught the wrong train. I went up to the service desk to ask what train this was and when it would be stopping next. The man said "Sorry this train doesn't stop for another 2,000 miles." I tried to explain my situation, that I had caught the wrong train by mistake and could they please stop the train so I could get off and catch another train back to Adelaide. My young children (who in real life are now teenagers) were at my grandparents house expecting me to come and pick them up. The man said that it was impossible to stop the train, I would have to wait until the train had got to its destination and catch another one back. I pleaded with him to stop the train as my children wouldn't know where I was, in fact nobody would. I couldn't contact anyone and let them know. I became very distressed, almost hysterical, saying I needed to get to my children but no one would do any thing. Instead they were annoyed at me, thinking I was a stupid woman for causing so much commotion.

  4. Significant life event:

  5. Personal concerns/issues: I am chronically tired and looking to cut down my working hours.

  6. Associations: That I am on a particular journey and can't get off or turn back.

  7. Categories: nightmare

  8. Pen Name: Traveler

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Trains often symbolize logical thought or a mind-set that follows a "track" without variation. This dream is set in a flash-back mode, (taking place earlier in the life of the dreamer), suggesting that she is now experiencing pain from feeling caught in a situation or mode she has outgrown or which no longer serves her best interests. She may have made a decision years ago that has brought with it certain responsibilities and restrictions that she wishes now to reevaluate. As in any dream, the need to get to the children may in fact reflect a need to return to the things that matter most to her. (Things, people or aspects of herself she needs to care for, help and flourish.) It is particularly likely that something she felt obliged to abandon during the time period featured in the dream is now calling to her emotionally. Dreams that present a crisis often arise when we need to regroup and clarify our goals and values; or when life has presented us with an opportunity that requires a choice. On the positive side this dream provides a nudge encouraging the dreamer to listen to her feelings of discontent, and learn from them. Even when our choices seem limited by external factors, emotional honesty and clarity often set forces in motion that help us feel greater control and fulfillment.

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