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Dream 01_199706

Dream of the Month (June 1997)
  1. Title: Diana

  2. Date of the Dream: 3/24/97 (mailed Thursday, 29 May 1997)

  3. Dream: My brother, sister-in-law and I are walking into the building where they held their wedding reception. Once inside it turns out to be a large, old-fashioned house (which it isn't normally) where the walls and floors are all made from dark wood. There is a public antiques fair going on and a few people are walking around looking at the articles on display. I walk ahead and go to the back of house where I find my sister-in-law's mother (Diana), lying in an old-fashioned bed.

    I approach her, giving her a massive hug and a kiss on her face, and comment on how remarkably well she is looking: her cheeks are rosy and she is smiling. She tells me she is planning on leaving England and going to live in America with her lover. I am shocked by this news; she is happily married already and the last person I would expect to be having an affair! I then sit on the bed and tell her I think she's making a mistake, because it will obviously hurt her husband and daughter. I also tell her that if it makes her truly happy (as it appears to) then she must do it. I'm sad she is going but genuinely feel she must follow her heart's desire. However, I keep saying to her "but you can't go - who is going to look after the carpets?"

  4. Significant life event: I have no idea and am completely baffled by this dream.I don't understand the significance of someone having to look after the carpets (they are more like rugs in my minds eye).

  5. Personal concerns/issues: My mother has been very sick. Normal boyfriend troubles? Nothing major.

  6. Associations: I see a strong marriage link throughout, and was seriously considering marriage with my longterm boyfriend.

  7. Category: none apply

  8. Pen Name: Charlotte

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Often dreams help us explore values and desires that seem contradictory. As we discuss problems with other characters, and watch them make choices we are struggling with, we are able to draw clearer conclusions, or identify what clogs our own decision process. In this dream, Diana appears to make a choice to reach for personal happiness, while the dreamer presents objections and points out duties. While some objections have merit, such as the danger of hurting others, some are downright silly like: "who will see to the carpets?" (Who will keep doing the dirty work around here?) The dialogue between the dreamer and Diana is probably similar to the inner dialogue the dreamer engages in as she considers a current real life decision. On one hand, duty seems to dictate a certain course of action, but on the other hand her heart cries out for an action that departs from tradition.

Evidently the dreamer ultimately believes happiness matters most, yet she must beware of a tendency to deny her heart's desires because of considerations that are dutiful, but not necessarily relevant to the question at hand.

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