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Dream 01_199703

Dream of the Month (March 1997)

  1. Title: My Best Friend, A Tree

  2. Date of the Dream: January 1994 (received Monday, 3 Feb 1997)

  3. Dream: I am standing by a tall, black fence near a basketball court. Something inside interests me, and I walk inside. As soon as I enter, I notice something is not right. Instead of a basketball court, I am in a giant field with trees all around. One particular tree draws my attention. It is a Weeping Willow and is almost dying. I suddenly feel sorry for the tree. I want to (need to) help it. I find a spring not far away from the tree. I cup my hands to get some water from the spring and bring it back to the tree. I realize that my tree is right in the middle of all the other trees. I get a strange feeling about that, but don't pay attention to it. I try to water my tree, but there is very little water in my hands. I get water from the spring and go back many times, each time there is a little more water in my hands. I finish watering my tree and look at it. It looks a lot better. It seems to be thankful, happy I helped it. I say "You're welcome," and the tree understands. We start talking about this and that. We feel like old friends.

    I see that it is getting late and have to leave. The tree tells me how to get home. I am almost at the portal. I see strange goblins coming toward me. I wait for them to come, thinking they're friendly. They are really mean and scary looking. They tell me that I ruined all their work on the tree and that it was supposed to exit because it was a nice tree. They let me leave, but threaten to kill me if I ever return. I know that they can and will try to.

    When I "wake up" the next morning, the first thing I think of is the tree. I go back to my tree this time with a jug I can fill with water. I help the tree again and we talk. I don't stay as long, though. I do this for a couple of days. By then, the tree is my best friend. I am very close to loving it. Everything seems magical when I am with it. The tree's vines have grown long enough to hide me from the goblins. The tree is very healthy and the goblins give up on trying to kill it. I befriend other trees there, but am not as good friends with them as I am with my tree.

  4. Significant life event: None

  5. Personal concerns/issues: None

  6. Associations: I think the tree portays a person I have met, or will meet. A close friend, perhaps.

  7. Category: anomalous psychic experience

  8. Pen Name: Anonymous

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Trees as a symbol of life often reflect the dreamer's own well-being. This individual seems to have recently found a source of nourishment for his innermost needs, something that previously was lacking. Springs like this one frequently represent some aspect of life that sustains us; feeding the will to live, strengthening the ability to cope. Since the proximity of his tree to the others troubles him, it is possible that his role within the family is one that has promoted self sacrifice, or caused some kind of deprivation to him. The dying weeping willow, persecuted for "being nice" suggests a deep sadness and some measure of threat for which there were inadequate defenses. Since discovering a source of strength and renewal, and choosing to "water his tree" despite rules to the contrary, the dreamer has grown more protective covering, (the sheltering vines). He has also developed a different kind of relationship with himself, an easiness with his own needs, and an appreciation of what will sustain him throughout life.

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