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Dream 01_199702

Dream of the Month (February 1997)

  1. Title: The Swan In The Hidden Room

  2. Date of the Dream: Some years ago (received Thursday, 23 Jan 1997)

  3. Dream: I happen to find an unknown door in my small, one-room flat (where I lived at the time of the dream). It opens to a whole new apartment, perhaps four or five rooms. The furniture is very sparse and worn; just a few old chairs and some narrow iron beds. For some reason I believe that missionaries lived there long ago. The whole apartment seems to be in a very neglected state, as if nobody had lived there for a long time; the paint (mostly bright red) is falling off the walls, and there is stale bread in the open cupboards. But I am delighted with all this new space all to myself, and though I know that I will have to work hard at the renovation, I can see that the structure and the atrium-like design of the apartment are beautiful.

    I walk through the rooms, and discover another almost hidden door to the left, differing from the atrium pattern of the other rooms. It leads to a small room where most of the roof and the walls are gone; it is half room, half backyard. In the middle of it there is a small, intensely green pond with completely still water, surrounded by a circle of antique, broken (but beautiful) columns. A white swan is gracefully sailing in the water. I withdraw with great awe. I understand that the room is a kind of sanctuary, and that no one has entered it for ages.

  4. Significant life event:

  5. Personal concerns/issues:

  6. Associations:

  7. Category: none apply

  8. Pen Name: Sofia

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

This is a wonderful example of what I call a Dream of Hope. These dreams tend to arise during times of deep personal pain and doubt, often after a loss of some kind. The discovery of forgotten rooms and doors is often a signal of reconnection with aspects of the self that were lost during crisis, or misplaced during the normal challenges of life. The joy in discovering these rooms is really a renewal of acquaintance with the original self. This dream includes a recognition of personal mission or early intention, since a hazy memory arises that once missionaries lived in the forgotten rooms. The willingness to rennovate the rooms signals a resolve to bring these personal attributes back to life, and the swan on the water suggests that some spiritual faith has been recalled as a well-spring of peace within.

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