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Dream 01_199701

Dream of the Month (January 1997)

  1. Title: The Auburn Eagle

  2. Date of the Dream: 12/10/96 (received Friday, 13Dec1996)

  3. Dream: I am in a shallow valley on a log which spans a deep crack in the earth. I am not afraid of falling. There are several small animals with me, to my left, traveling with me. I am not afaid of them, but I seem to be leading them. I look above me to the left and there on a high ledge is the most beautiful, grand and imperical eagle I have ever seen.

    The eagle is a glowing auburn color with a golden beak, tallons and gold-tipped wings. She touches her beak to the land and bright fiery light spreads throughout the tree-line to my right. It is the color of sunsets and sunrises. At first I am frightened, thinking it might be fire, but soon realize it is the most beautiful light I have ever seen. The dew upon the grass is crystalized in this light. In the gentle wind that has sprung up there is the most beautiful melody and haromony which seems to unite the heavens above me and the valley in which I stand.

    The music is soft, and so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes. I look back to my left, to the auburn eagle and she raises her head, spreads her enormous wings which are aflame with the colors of the sky and ascends into the heavens. I stand there in awe, gawking, with my mouth open. I am so moved. My footing on the log seems more solid. I'm not sure that the log or the crevasse exist any more. It is at that point that I wake up....feeling wonderful, inspired. The feeling is almost of a spiritual nature. I feel as though I've just seen the hand of God.

  4. Significant life event: Much stress and worry about not being able to "make something of myself" to do something important in my lifetime.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: I am bi-polar. I have been ill and placed on disability by my doctor for the past 5 years. He will not entertain my going back to work for 2 more years, to assure that I am indeed stabilized on the medications and from the ECTs that I had done in April, during my last hospitalization. I am anxious to do something. I feel there is something important that I must accomplish and that I must return and contriubute to society.

  6. Associations: The dream is wonderful! It was so inspiring that it unblocked a writer's block that I have had for 6 months or more. And it changed the style of my writing....which was previously very dark, to very light and inspirational. I am guessing that perhaps the message is that I do not need to seek for greatness within or without, that the greatness is all around me. I'm not clear on symbols in the dream. But it was a very settling, and peace-giving dream.

  7. Category: anomalous

  8. Pen Name: LuckyLady

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

This exquisite scene is a wonderful example of how a dream can heal, uplift and nourish even without analysis. Sometimes we receive the essence of a dream's gift without needing to dissect it's parts. Since eagles are often associated with vision and freedom, it is no surpise that the dreamer is moved and encouraged by the eagle and its incredible light. The image of gaining solid footing from seeing the light certainly has spiritual connotations, and also fits perfectly with the dreamer's transition from uncertainty to a deeper sense of purpose. Dreams such as this one are fascinating since they seem to signal positive changes that cannot be attributed to external circumstances. Often, as in this case, the imagery is exceptionally well-suited to reflect inner strengths and renewed connections, as well as to evoke and catalyze responses in the dreamer that are, in effect, the soul's best medicine.

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