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Dream 01_199612

Dream of the Month (December 1996)

  1. Title: the fish store

  2. Date of the Dream: 11/4/96 (received Wednesday, 27Nov1996)

  3. Dream: I walked into a store looking for my friend. It seemed awfully dark and the walls were lined with fish-nets. There was a man standing in the back behind a counter. All of a sudden I saw some huge fish coming towards me. They swam in the air as if they were in water. I tried to get away from them because they were coming directly for me, but anywhere I went the fish followed. I screamed as one fish finally touched my head. The man at the counter finally noticed and laughed. He told me they're not real. They are just an illusion. But he didn't seem to calm my fears. He then showed me a box with switches and flicked one off and on again. The fish would appear and disappear. My fear subsided as I realized he was right; they were just projected images.

  4. Significant life event: Death in the family

  5. Personal concerns/issues: Same as above

  6. Associations: I'm stumped

  7. Category: Nightmare

  8. Pen Name: Joey

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

It is a fascinating phenomenon that uncertainty can sometimes trigger a balancing dream that lessens anxiety. Sometimes a balancing effect will arise in the form of a lucid dream, in other instances like this one, the dreamer is shown by a dream character that he has more control over the situation than he realized, and that his fears are of an illusory nature.

Entering a store is sometimes a reflection of moving into a position where a choice is expected, or a decision is required. When choice is forced on us by circumstances, our hidden fears and unconscious concerns seem to attack us like free-floating monsters. There is no way to avoid fears that we carry within, but examination of some fears does reveal them to be mere projections. This explains why they seem to follow us everywhere, and get inside our head, impacting our thinking and generating self-doubt. Interestingly many dream theorists believe fish may represent unconscious material, thus the fears represented here may indeed be shadows that can be controlled through greater understanding.

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