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Dream 01_199609

Dream of the Month (September 1996)

  1. Title: Drowning

  2. Date of the Dream: August 8, 1996 (received Friday, 23AUG1996)

  3. Dream: In the dream I was pregnant, and swimming, because this is supposed to be a great exercise for pregnant women. My stomach was so big though, that it was weighing me down, and I could not get up. There were many people there, including 2 friends I am in a disagreement with, and my boyfriend. They were paying no attention to the fact that I was drowning, and could lose the baby. I was totally helpless, yet very calm, and not getting too overexcited about the fact that the baby and I could exit. A few days later, I had a dream that my dog jumped in a pool, and was sinking, so I jumped in, yet could not save her. I just sank too.

  4. Significant life event: I am waiting to hear from a university at this time whether I will be attending for the Fall or not.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: I have been in disagreement with the 2 friends who were in my dream. I am not worried about my friendship with them, but I do think about them, and am sorry our frienship turned out this way.

  6. Associations: The feeling that I have no control over my life, it is in the hands of someone else, and that bothers me quite a bit.

  7. Category: Recurring

  8. Pen Name: Flower child

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Pregnancy in dreams often symbolizes impending change and potential that is growing towards fulfillment. This dream shows you heavy with potential and rather encumbered by it. The baby that will eventually come will be a new life for you. The action reveals you are protective of the impending change, yet feel clumsy about dealing with it. Jumping into a pool sometimes represents plunging into a new environment. Since you sink rather than swim, you may be dealing with a sense of overwhelm at everything you're facing, and feel insecure about operating in a different kind of milieu. You may have some feelings about separating from friends in order to give birth to the new you, and it may seem lonely because others don't really appreciate what you are going through. Like giving birth, you are going to have to go through this on your own. Try to engage in activities that make you feel confident and in control, and dwell on your determination to give birth to your creative potential. One way or another, this new life is on its way.

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