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Dream 01_199608

Dream of the Month (August 1996)

  1. Title: Rattlesnakes

  2. Date of the Dream: July 7, 1996

  3. Dream: I was told by someone to pick up the loose carpeting in my bedroom. It wasn't my true bedroom, (it looked nothing like my true bedroom), and seemed to be a temporary building, but I knew that I had been sleeping there a long time with my partner.

    First of all we found one rattlesnake - which looked nothing like a real rattlesnake, more like a worm. I was concerned but not terrified. Then we pulled up the thin carpet and the floor was covered in rattlesnakes, all of which looked like big caterpillers or worms. I found it disgusting and couldn't believe that we had been sleeping there all that time completly unaware that these things were breeding under the carpet (on which we slept).

    I also found it amazing and extremely lucky that none of us had ever been bitten. I felt it could only be a matter of time until there would have been an accident. I then walked out of my room and into the open - the room turned out to be a hut in a forest somewhere. The end.

  4. Significant life event: I am looking to move from my house.. I will be sharing with my brother and partner eventually.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: Sorting out finances

  6. Associations: I'm worried about sharing with my brother and that we may have some serious arguments.

  7. Category: Anomalous

  8. Pen Name: Louise

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

It is certainly not always the case that snakes represent troubles, but in this dream, I believe they do. Particularly when snakes appear in a nest, they tend to represent troubles that plague the dreamer. Discovering them breeding beneath the place where you and your partner slept suggests that you recently became aware of some potential challenges which were previously hidden from view. The good news is, these are either baby challenges that you have caught early, or things that aren't too frightening at all, since you aren't that scared by them, and they are really only the size of worms or catepillars. They seem like annoyances, more unpleasant than traumatic. The good news too, is that you are cleaning and assessing the foundation of things, looking beneath the carpet is a good way to begin a new phase. Even though you may be taken aback for a moment, it is the best way to enter into a new situation, and to prevent sniping or criticism.

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