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Dream 01_199607

Dream of the Month (July 1996)

  1. Title: Windstorm

  2. Date of the Dream: June 6, 1996

  3. Dream: I was sitting at the window of my bedroom (in a house I had previously lived in several years ago with my parents). As I glanced outside I noticed that the sky had darkened considerably and what was once daylight had turned into night in a matter of moments. The sun had disappeared and the moon came out from behind a streak of clouds. I sat staring in confusion when I noticed the wind had picked up because I could see debris swirling around the yard and the trees.

    For some reason I felt the need to open the window - which I did - and a rush of strong wind came through. The wind became gradually stronger and stronger until I noticed that the lampposts and trees were bending violently and very fast. It didn't frighten me, but I found it slightly disturbing. The moon was becoming distorted also, as if it too was subject to the wind.

    With the window wide open and my confusion becoming more pronounced, I then saw pigeons, crows and cats being tossed through the window and littering my floor. For some reason this irritated me and I began to pick the animals up and throw them back out of the window into the yard - but to no avail - more and more would just keep coming back through. I then awoke with a very strange, surreal sensation that I couldn't shake for a good portion of the morning.

  4. Significant life event: Father becoming seriously ill.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: Career, education, personal relationship, moving to a big city.

  6. Associations: Stress and change resulting in a sense of chaos?

  7. Category: Anomalous

  8. Pen Name: Violette Cyrille

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

You have a good handle on what this dream reflects. Storms frequently depict emotional "storms" and upheavals for which we feel ill prepared. The sudden darkening of the sky from day to night highlights dramatically the sense of forboding we feel when things change swiftly from what we know and take for granted to the dimly understood realm of unknown territory. Your response to the darkening sky and gathering wind is good, you move to meet it, (by opening the window). This suggests a courageous and active stance on your part. You may even experience a sense of unreality, since the dream shows everything becoming distorted by the windstorm. Sometimes even ordinary elements in life seem altered by a change that effects us deeply. Furthermore you may have some challenge dealing with your own sense of vulnerability that comes to the fore during this shifting time. The small animals that are "caught" by the storm and thrown at you may represent the vulnerable sides of your own personality. You are irritated by their appearance and try to throw them right back where they came from. This suggests that denial of your own needs during this time will not be met with any success. They will be thrown right back in your face again. Rather than reject your private needs in the midst of turmoil, try creating a private haven, (either physically, mentally, or socially) in which your personal balance can be regained, or at least focused upon. The world will eventually regain its normal shape again, but taking care of yourself is likely the best way to weather any storm. Good luck.

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