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Dream 01_199602

Dream of the Month (February 1996)

  1. Title: The Mansion in the Woods

  2. Date of the Dream: January 18, 1996

  3. Dream: I am in a mansion in the woods, standing in a room with high ceilings and paintings on the walls. There is another man there as well as two women, and a cat. We go from room to room, past a big stairway in the front hall.

    Then the building seems to be on fire. There are flames everywhere, and we are trying to escape. When I look up at the paintings, the paintings and the faces in them are melting like colored wax, except for the eyes, which are darting back and forth as if they are in panic. Then I am a little scared.

    We all manage to get out of the mansion, and somebody yells, "Where's the cat?" Eventually the cat comes out of the house. We stand in the woods watching the mansion burn, except that it doesn't ever seem to burn down; there are just flames coming out of the windows.

  4. Significant life event: None

  5. Personal concerns/issues: None

  6. Associations: None

  7. Category: Anomalous

  8. Pen Name: njord nelson

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Sometimes a situation that provokes emergency response measures, then turns out not to have been truly critical is referred to as "a fire drill." There is a good chance this dream is reflecting a recent pseudo-crisis. Because you are an observer who is not really frightened in the dream, you may have been a witness to a dramatic situation that dealt more with others and caused them to drop their typical facades and telegraph their panic. It appears there was some need to distance yourself from the "fire" and that everything eventually blew over. At some point though, you reflected on something innocent and vulnerable that appeared to have been lost in the shuffle. (The cat.) Some dreamers feel a cat symbolizes their own gentler nature, or someone close to them who needs care. Turmoil always is hardest on the gentle ones; consider who or what in your life may need to be remembered and reassured.

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